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Cat breeds

There are many domestic cat breeds found within the UK. Cats of all colours, temperaments and sizes. From long haired to hairless cats, find out all you need to know below with our handy cat breed guide.

Abyssinian Cat

bengal cat lay down playing

Bengal Cat

Birman Cat Sitting Down

Birman Cat

Cornish Rex Cat

Domestic Longhair Cat

Domestic Shorthair Cat

Devon Rex Cat

Egyptian Mau Cat

LaPerm Cat

main coon cat standing on a branch

Maine Coon Cat

Oriental Cat

Two Ragdoll Cats Lying

Ragdoll Cat

Ragamuffin Cat Sitting By Plant

Ragamuffin Cat

Russian Blue Cat Lying on Striped Carpet

Russian Blue Cat

Serengeti Cat

Savannah Cat

Siamese Cat Eating

Siamese Cat

Siberian cat lay on its side

Siberian Cat

Snowshoe Cat

Sphynx Cat Lying on Back

Sphynx Cat

Turkish Angora

Turkish Van Cat