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Love hard.
Feed fresh.

Cats’ wellbeing is our rallying cry - to cat parents, to our team, to the industry.

KatKin goes hardcore for cat health: cutting the fluff, feeding fresh, and channelling hardcore love into industry-wide change. We’ll never settle until our cat-first, no-BS attitude becomes the new standard everywhere.

What we stand for

  • Hardcore love

    Hardcore love

    Every cat deserves a cat parent who will go hell for leather for their well being. And every cat parent deserves a brand they can trust to be as uncompromising as them.

  • Stick it to the fat cats

    Stick it to the fat cats

    We’re here to cut the fluff from the cat industry. No brown-nosing, scratching backs, or cuddles on command. With our independent voice, we tell it how it is.

  • No shortcuts

    No shortcuts

    We obsess over cats’ needs, choosing proven science over cheap and easy marketing wins. We do things the right way. Even when it is the hard way.

KatKin - Cat parent plays with cats
KatKin - Cat parent plays with cats

Dedicated to hardcore cat parents

KatKin is for uncompromising cat parents who want the best.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing diamonds or dungarees, you’re fierce. You don’t flinch at love bites, mouse sacrifices, or cleaning out the litter tray. You’re all in.

Feed fresh


Dry and wet food are heat-blasted to last on shelves. Fresh is gently cooked and frozen for maximum nutrition for your carnivore cat. Put cat life over shelf life.

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Cats, we got your backs

We’re the KatKin team.

World-leading vets, nutritionists, nurses and experienced Cat Experts. We screw our noses up at ingredient labels and are raising hell to set the new industry standard for cat care. We love hard even when love bites. We’re all in.

Job envy?

We do the best for cats, cat parents and our planet. No egos. No shortcuts. No compromises.

KatKin - Hardcore cat parent plays with cat

For the love of cats