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Abyssinian cat playing
Abyssinian cat playing

Facts about cats: Abyssinians

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About Abyssinians cats

Abyssinian cat playing with rubber band

Abyssinian cats are amongst one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. This is because they are such a breeze to have in the home. Easy to care for, very friendly and totally gorgeous, the Abyssinian cat breed can't be described as anything short of a joy.

You are unlikely to find an Abyssinian cat curled up quietly out of the way. Instead, these active cats will take an interest in any task you do with an utterly charming curiosity.

If they aren’t affectionately by your side, they are probably off exploring any and every hidey hole in the house they can find! An Abyssinian cat is a loving companion who will help you enjoy the lighter side of life.

Cat statistics

Abyssinian cat cleaning paw

Colour: Originally, most Abyssinians had a ruddy, reddish-brown coat. However, nowadays you may see blue and fawn coloured abyssinian cats.

Coat: Short haired

Size: Medium cat, 38 - 46cm (excluding tail)

Weight: 3.6 - 5.4 kg

Lifespan: Variable but anywhere between 9 - 13 years

Temperament: Active, loving, curious

Origin: South East Asia

Benefits of fresh cat food for Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian cat on sofa

Like all cats, Abyssinians can enjoy many benefits when regularly fed fresh cat food. Switch to fresh and see these improvements:

  • Improved weight management

  • Better digestion

  • Shinier, healthy coats

Cats are obligate carnivores and Abysinnians are no exception. This means that they are biologically engineered to get the nutrients they need from meat. However, the industry standard falls short of this. It is not uncommon to see cat food made with little meat, of poor quality, which is cooked at high temperatures to last on a shelf for months, even years.

At KatKin we are demanding better. We provide fresh cat food made with 100% premium ingredients. All our recipes are formulated by vets to ensure they are nutritionally complete.  Switch fearlessly to KatKin with your Abyssinian and see the benefits for yourself.

We've kept it simple

  1. 1. Introduce us to your cat.

    Our simple questions help us personalise your cat's meals.

  2. 2. A box just for them.

    We'll build a box of fresh-cooked food that's right for your cat's needs.

  3. 3. Cross cat food off the shopping list.

    We deliver straight to your door.

  4. 4. Forget about food waste.

    One pouch. One cat. One day. Complete nutrition.

  5. 5. No strings attached.

    Change, pause or cancel your monthly plan online anytime.

  6. 6. Spot the difference.

    Start to notice the incredible changes in your cat after feeding them KatKin.

  • 100% premium-
quality meat

    100% premium- quality meat

  • Frozen fresh
with no preservatives

    Frozen fresh with no preservatives

  • Vet

    Vet formulated

  • Made in
the UK

    Made in the UK

Abyssinian cat FAQs

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Simple, fresh & healthy. KatKin are shaking up the modern cat food industry one meal at a time. We demand the very best for cats and you should too. Trial a KatKin 14 day fresh food subscription for your Abyssinian cat today and receive 20% off. Abyssinian not the fun loving feline for you? Discover another cat breed to fall in love with and feed fresh food to daily. We are sure they will be eternally grateful you made the decision to feed them quality fresh meat!