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About Turkish Angora cats

One of the few ancient cat breeds that still exists today, the Turkish Angora cat breed is lively, curious and mischievous. They have almond-shaped eyes that come in amber, green, blue, or in a heterochromatic blue/amber or blue/green pairing.

This loyal and affectionate breed loves nothing better than spending time with its favourite family members. But don’t be fooled. Turkish Angora cats have a strong character and will be sure to let you know if you do something they don’t like.

Cat statistics

Colour: Known for their white silky fur, Turkish Angora cats can also come in a variety of other colours including tabby, black, chocolate brown, and smoky tones. 

Coat: Long haired

Size: Medium cat, 36 - 41cm (excluding tail)

Weight: 3.6 - 6.8 kg

Lifespan: Variable but anywhere between 12 - 18 years.

Temperament: Playful, intelligent, athletic

Origin: Turkey

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Turkish Angoras are obligate carnivores. This means they receive their nutrients from the daily meat they eat. Current industry standard cat foods have little meat, it's poor quality meat, and it's cooked at high temperatures to last on a shelf for months, even years. This must change.

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Turkish Angora cat FAQs
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