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KatKin Fresh Kitten Food
KatKin Fresh Kitten Food

Fresh kitten food.

100% meat = The best start in life

Commercial kitten food pretends to be good for your cat. But it’s actually full of carbs, preservatives, and additives. Total rubbish.

KatKin does kitten food differently. It’s suitable for cats of all ages and is only made of the good stuff – 100% fresh, human-quality meat.

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Benefits of our natural & fresh kitten food

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  • Tastier – Would you rather eat a delicious chocolate cake or a dried-out cake-flavoured pellet? We thought so. Our fresh cat food uses 100% human-quality meat which is much tastier and more appealing than dry, hard kibble.

  • Taurine-rich – Cats can’t create their own taurine (which they need to stay healthy) and the best supply comes from meat.

  • Maintain a healthier weight – Cats on a fresh food diet are more likely to maintain a healthier weight than if they eat kibble or wet food. That’s because of the higher moisture content, better-quality nutrition, and no fillers. You’ll probably also notice they have a shinier coat too!

  • More energy – KatKin is a better energy source so it can help your cat feel more energetic and playful. Great for playing harder and zooming faster.

  • Less mess – Cats can’t digest carbohydrates very well, which results in more waste (and smellier litter trays). They don’t have this problem with 100% human-quality meat.

KatKin’s fresh kitten food

KatKin does food differently. Our food isn’t dry, wet, or raw. It’s fresh – made from 100% human-quality meat and gently cooked to preserve its nutrients. You’ll find no carbohydrates, fillers, or added flavourings or preservatives here. Just delicious, nutritious meat.

Fresh food


Fresh, 100% gently-cooked whitefish, salmon and turkey liver.

Why choose KatKin’s grain free, fresh kitten food?

Only fresh, high-quality meat

Our fresh, kitten food is made from 100% human-grade meat. No fillers. No carbs. Just the good stuff that your cat will love.

Kitten trial boxes available

New to KatKin and trying to decide whether to make the switch? We offer a trial box so your kitten can try all our flavours before you commit! Simply fill out the questionnaire to customise it to their needs!

Simple kitten food subscription

There’s no need to make a last-minute run to the pet shop anymore. With KatKin, your food is delivered wherever you live in the UK on a schedule to suit you. Never forget to buy cat food again. Set up your subscription to have delicious, 100% human-quality meat, grain free cat food dropped right at your door.

Convenient to feed

Every KatKin meal is tailored to your kitten and their needs and perfectly portioned out. Each portion is ready to go, no need to weigh, measure, or faff with a hungry cat shouting at you to hurry up.

A wide range of flavours

We go further than just chicken or fish. Choose from a wide range of fresh cat food to help your kitten develop a varied palette. No matter which flavour is on the menu, you know they’re getting a well balanced good-for-them meal.

A healthy wet kitten food alternative

100% meat is better for your kitten than wet food or kibble. Fact. It contains everything your kitten needs to grow big and healthy and none of the fillers, carbs, preservatives, or added flavourings you’ll find in cat food off the shelf. This means more energy to explore and play, less stinky litter trays, and a better supported immune system while they grow.

Fresh kitten food from KatKinWet kitten food
Fresh meat so good you can eat it yourself
Ingredient supply chain is stale
Gently cooked and frozen to stay fresh
Nutrition and digestibility sacrificed for shelf life
Free from grains, fillers and preservatives
Fluffed up marketing claims
Independent brand and team putting cats first
Choice is a fallacy
Personalised feeding plans
Unclear feeding guidelines

Tailored food for kittens

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When you order from us, we’ll ask you lots of questions about your cat. It’s not (just) because we want to be their friend, we need to know what they need most. No matter their size, weight, age, or breed, we formulate your cat’s meals to fit them. And then pre-portion each meal in an easy-to-serve way.

Go against the grain. Feed your cat fresh, real meat cat food. Our fresh cat food is made from 100% human-quality meat, gently cooked to lock in those all-important nutrients, and delivered right to your doorstep.

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The difference fresh kitten food makes