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There's something wrong with the cat food industry

Cat food has not changed since 1950.

More than 30% of cats will develop some form of kidney disease. Over 50% of cats are overweight or obese. And more than 85% of cats will get some form of dental disease in their lifetime - roughly the same percentage who eat dry food.

A leading cat food label:

INGREDIENTS: meat by-products, poultry by-products, chicken, natural flavour, sodium, tripolyphosphate, dried yam, carrageean, minerals & vitamins, colour, xanthan gum, dL-methionine, taurine, sodium nitrite (for colour retention) sufficient water for processing

What’s really in your cat food? Read on to find out.

Five things every cat parent should know

  1. 1. The ingredient supply chain is stale.

    Instead of heading to a landfill, rendered ingredients go to pet food manufacturers as chicken and beef meal powders, making up 40% to 60% of cat food products. The rest? Grains and fillers, which cause digestive problems for cats.

  2. 2. Shelf lives instead of cat lives.

    Conventional cooking of wet and dry food uses extreme processing methods and high heat. At temperatures known to produce carcinogens. All this results in significant vitamins and nutrient loss.

  3. 3. Fluffed up marketing claims.

    Low-quality 'animal derivatives’ are disguised by misleading labels. Hidden ingredients. ‘Vet approved’ is a marketing trick and packaging lies. With burnt brown balls hidden behind photography of fresh meat and panoramic farms.

  4. 4. Choice is a fallacy.

    Two companies make more than 60% of cat food globally. Together they have more than 50 brands on supermarket shelves. They train our vets, publish the research and treat our cats as the industry underdogs.

  5. 5. Inaccurate portioning.

    Feeding guidelines by pet food companies are archaic. Conditioning us to over feeding with their one-size-fits all portioning. More than 50% of vets say obesity is the biggest health issue facing our cats.


Can eating kibble really clean your cat's teeth? Short answer, no. There's no evidence-based research supporting the claim that eating kibble helps cats prevent dental disease.

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KatKin cat eating fresh food from a bowl
KatKin cat eating fresh food from a bowl

Fight for fresh food

Knowing the key to cats’ health was putting real food in their bowls, we can’t afford to be patient. We’re constantly reminded by our customers about the benefits of fresh food for their cats, for both their short-term and long-term health.

Most of these cats weren’t visibly ‘sick’ or struggling with specific issues. In some cases though, cats who had been given only weeks or months to live suddenly have a new lease on life.

Feed fresh

What is fresh food?

  1. 1. Human-quality meats

    We use 100% human-quality meats we can eat ourselves. All recipes are created by a Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist® to be nutritious, complete and balanced. All ingredients are chosen for their bio availability of amino acids, the building blocks of protein, to be easily absorbed and metabolised by cats.

    1. Human-quality meats
    1. Human-quality meats
  2. 2. Gently-cooked and frozen fresh

    We gently-cook ingredients to perfection to lock in vital nutrients and flavour. And flash freeze these to keep them free from preservatives and high-heat sterilisation. We put nutrition and digestibility over extended shelf life.

    2. Gently-cooked and frozen fresh
    2. Gently-cooked and frozen fresh
  3. 3. We control the entire supply chain

    From research, the farm, our own human-food grade kitchen and shipping to the bowl, we’re in control. We test ingredients regularly and stringently to ensure food quality and safety.

    3. We control the entire supply chain
    3. We control the entire supply chain

Incredible health benefits

As reported by 93% of KatKin customers

  • Better digestion, less
stink in the litter box

    Better digestion, less stink in the litter box

    No grains your cat struggles to digest = no smell, no mess, no fuss.

  • More energy and

    More energy and playfulness

    Meat is a cat’s best source of energy. They’re tired and moody without it.

  • Shinier, thicker coat
and less hairballs

    Shinier, thicker coat and less hairballs

    Less shed, more shine thanks to good fats and nutrients. Healthy inside and out.

  • Easy-to-maintain
healthy weight

    Easy-to-maintain healthy weight

    Personalised calories get cats easily to their natural weight. No fuss.

Plus, scores of other ailments mysteriously* disappear.

*really there's no mystery, poor quality food is behind many of these ailments

Food allergies

“Her fur grew back to the lovely coat she had before she had allergies, and overall she’s much happier and healthier.” Dexy + Pickle

Food allergies


Tried drugs from the vet, literally 100s of other cat foods, now his stools are normal, at last!



He had explosive diarrhoea several times a day, so I thought I'd try KatKin. The diarrhoea stopped instantly.



She had colitis so I looked for a healthy option. This has cleared up and she’s now a happy healthy cat.


Appetite loss

My elderly cat had very little appetite, but on KatKin she’s eating heartily and looking for more.

Appetite loss

Sensitive stomach

It's been two weeks now. Her stomach normalised. It gives me such a joy to see our cat transforming.

Sensitive stomach

Read our reviews for hundreds more amazing stories.

Health over profits

KatKin puts cats over profits. And science over cheap marketing wins.

For less than the price of a daily coffee your cat gets the nutrition it needs for long-term health.

Lily's Kitchen
Lily's Kitchen
Purina Gourmet
Purina Gourmet
100% Human-quality meats
Gently cooked for digestion
So fresh it's frozen
Free from preservatives
Free from sterilisation
Cooked in own kitchen
Perfectly portioned
From less than £2 a day

Feeding your cat well is the best way to prevent chronic diseases.

KatKin's in-house vet

Cat licks its lips as it waits for KatKin fresh cat food

Fight for fresh food