High-protein cat food.

100% fresh-cooked meat.

Cats are obligate carnivores that need fresh meat to thrive. KatKin's 100% fresh meat cat food is naturally high in protein and formulated to be the best for your cat.

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Carnivores by nature

Wild at heart

Domestic cats haven’t changed much from their wild predecessors. Cats are hunters and in nature, they eat mice, rabbits, birds and more. Domestic cats like ours still have the same high protein needs for their cat food.

Built for meat

A cat’s metabolism is designed for a strict meat-based diet. They aren't like herbivores or omnivores who are able to synthesise essential amino acids (the building blocks of proteins). A cat’s ability to do this is limited. They get their essential amino acids from what they eat.

Essential for health

Cats are unique in that their liver enzymes are constantly breaking down proteins for energy and to maintain their blood glucose levels. If they don’t get enough protein from food, their bodies break down their muscles to try and meet their protein and amino acid needs.

What's so good about Fresh?

Health Benefits

High in protein from 100% Fresh premium meat.

Luscious fur

High in keratin for healthy fur coats and skin

Improved digestion

Easily digestible for happy bellies & less poop to scoop.

Energy Booster

Boosts energy & aids natural weight management.

Cats need protein. Full stop.

Fresh does more.

Proteins are the building blocks of healthy muscles and organs. A cat’s hormones, immune system and metabolism also can’t function properly without it.

Amino acids are compounds essential to a cat’s everyday bodily functions. Low levels of amino acids can lead to serious health problems.

Some amino acids are classed as ‘essential’. That means they can’t automatically be made inside the body. They have to come from the food cats eat.

Taurine is one essential amino acid which plays a crucial role in vision, heart function, reproduction and helps maintain a healthy immune system.

The high protein in KatKin nourishes your cat from the inside out. It supports their lean muscle mass and promotes healthy skin and coat.

Quality and quantity. We don’t make you choose.

Not all high protein cat foods are made equal. The truth is, many brands shout about their protein quantity, but are oddly silent when it comes to their quality.

Many industry standard cat foods that market themselves as ‘high protein’ are actually packed with soy and corn proteins. Trouble is, cat’s aren’t built to digest those ingredients in large amounts.

KatKin’s Fresh meat quantity is 100% , so naturally high in protein. And as for our quality, we only ever use premium cuts of Fresh meat, exactly the same as you’d get from your local butcher.

So when it comes to quality vs. quantity, don’t pick one. Choose both.

Backed by science

Dr. Justin Shmalberg is KatKin’s very own Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist®. He formulates every single KatKin recipe with the complete nutritional goodness cats need to thrive. You won’t find any ingredients you wouldn’t eat yourself.

"Feeding our cats well is the best strategy for preventing chronic diseases."

— Dr. Justin Shmalberg

Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist®


Single source proteins

Every cat is different. That’s why we offer a number of single source meat protein recipes which are specifically tailored to cats that may be allergic to a particular meat protein.

Au revoir allergies, no more having to carefully study ingredients lists on the back of pouches.

The difference we make

Anjie and Drake

"Skin condition solved! My cat suffers from Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex, which causes constant itching, dry skin and cracked paw pads. On KatKin, he is a different cat. He is so playful, full of energy. His coat is thick and glossy and he looks SO healthy and happy."

TrustPilot 5 stars
Anjie and Drake
Laura and Olivia

"Our elderly cat developed some health conditions and we struggled to find the correct food for him. Since KatKin we’ve not looked back. He loves his food and we have a healthy, happy cat."

TrustPilot 5 stars
Laura and Olivia
Krasi and Gigi

"Amazing quality cat food. He has a sensitive tummy and KatKin did not cause any bad reactions – and it was always problematic for us when we changed his food in the past, really impressed!"

TrustPilot 5 stars
Krasi and Gigi
Thousands of happy cats
1933+ reviews on Trustpilot