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High protein cat food
High protein cat food

High protein cat food

High protein = 100% human-quality meat

Protein. A vital part of a balanced diet. Especially for your cat. 

Cats are obligate carnivores which means they need pure meat and protein to stay healthy and have enough energy to play. But the commercial cat food industry hasn’t really gotten the message.

Choose high protein cat food

Benefits of our high meat content cat food

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  • More energy – Because cats are designed to thrive on 100% meat, they’ll have more energy for hunting, playing, and for zoomies.

  • Less mess in the litter tray – Cats can’t digest carbs and other fillers you’ll find in kibble. Our 100% human-quality meat recipes are much more digestible. This means fewer, firmer poops to scoop.

  • Better coats & skin – Thanks to all those good fats and nutrients (preserved from gentle cooking), they’ll have healthier, shiner coats and less dry, itchy skin. Not to mention fewer hairballs. Result.

  • Healthy weight – Without all those sugars, additives, carbs, and other nasties that can be found in dry or tinned food - plus our personalised recipes - your cat will be able to maintain a healthy weight much easier.

  • Better hydration – Cats are pretty bad at remembering to drink water. This can lead to dehydration, UTIs and other health issues. Because our meat is gently cooked, all the water content sticks around. That means better-hydrated cats.

KatKin’s high protein cat food

Don’t get us wrong. Some high-protein cat foods have reached the shelves. But they’re still not as high-protein as they should be – some only have 40% meat content fillers and carbs make up the rest. KatKin doesn’t. It's all meat, all the time (plus KatKin's nutrient mix).

Fresh food


Fresh, 100% gently-cooked whitefish, salmon and turkey liver.

Why choose KatKin’s 100% human-quality meat, high protein cat food?

Only fresh, high quality meat

KatKin’s fresh, grain free cat food is made from 100% human-quality meat. No fillers. No carbs. No junk. Just the good stuff.

High protein cat food trial boxes available

If you’re not sure whether KatKin is right for your cat (spoiler alert: it is), we offer a trial box. Fill out the questionnaire and customise it to their needs so they can try all the flavours. It’s that simple.

UK-wide grain free cat food delivery

No need to make a run to the pet shop. Your KatKin box is delivered wherever, and whenever, you live in the UK. Set up your subscription to have delicious, 100% human-quality meat, high protein cat food dropped right at your door.

Easy-to-feed pre-portioned meals

Every KatKin meal is tailored to your cat and their needs. Each portion is ready to go. No need to weigh, measure, or faff with a hungry cat telling you to hurry up.

A flavour for every cat

KatKin goes further than just chicken or fish. Our range of tasty fresh cat food comes in a variety of different, nutritionally balanced flavours. So if your cat adores just one or enjoys a variety, we’ve got them covered. No matter which flavour is on the menu, you know they’re getting a well balanced good-for-them meal.

Fresh high protein cat food vs high protein wet & dry cat food

Cat eating fresh cat food

So what makes KatKin fresh high protein cat food better than wet or dry?

“High-protein cat food” is a loose term when it comes to dry or wet food. Many brands have started using the term to describe their recipes that have a higher-than-average level of protein. But this doesn’t mean much. There aren’t any regulations or guidance on how much protein is needed in cat food to be considered ‘high in protein’. This means that brands can label their food as ‘high in protein’ with as little as 40% meat content. And even then, the quality of that meat is questionable. The rest of those recipes are made up of carbs, soya, lentils, and other rubbish that your cat can’t digest.

KatKin recipes contain 100% real, human-quality meat. That’s it. That’s why it’s the best for your cat. There’s no question about it, we’re the real high protein champions.

High protein kitten food

Kittens eating

Did you know you can feed KatKin to your kitten? Our recipes are formulated by our in-house vet nutritionist team to help kittens grow up on a nutritious diet. We only use ingredients that are easily digestible. No grains, starches, or low-quality meat. Just 100%, gently steamed human-quality meat that retains all its nutrients and moisture.

The difference real meat, high protein cat food makes

A guide to sensitive stomach cat food

Order high protein cat food.

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