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What is wet cat food?

Wet cat food refers to a range of meals that typically come in tins or pouches, and have been sterilised at high temperatures to extend shelf life, and be kept at room temperature. There are several different textures in wet food, such as jelly, chunks in gravy or mousses. Most mainstream cat food providers may offer wet or dry cat food but they do not offer fresh-cooked 100% meat meals, like KatKin.

Why is wet cat food not ideal?

Wet cat food is not ideal in most diets as the majority of mainstream providers use added gravy to keep them moist. But these gravies are often filled with unhealthy additives which deliberately make them highly addictive. We don’t need to add anything to our fresh meals to give them a high moisture content. It happens completely naturally. That’s because all the ingredients we use are 100% fresh.

And we freeze it to keep the freshness locked in.

100% fresh, premium meat, gently steam cooked and high in moisture. Save the gravy for your roast dinner, not your cat’s.

Why is moisture important in cat food?

Moisture is important because typically, cats don’t drink much water.

By nature, they are used to getting hydration from the food they eat, with their typical prey having a natural moisture content of >60%. That’s why they don’t particularly enjoy drinking water from a bowl. Just like us, cats need a good amount of water to survive and stay healthy. But not all moisture is made equal, which is why wet cat food is not the best option.

The benefits of moisture in cat food

Your cats need the correct level of moisture in their cat food to remain healthy. Wet cat food may not offer this. The other important benefits to highlight are:

Moisture helps with natural weight management

Higher-moisture diets, like our Fresh KatKin meals, are typically less calorie-dense than lower-moisture diets, and it has been suggested these meals may help prevent or treat obesity in cats.[1]

High moisture diets also increase your cats' energy levels, helping them lose even more weight.

Essential for kidney, bladder and urinary tract health

When a cat eats dry food they don’t drink enough water, which can increase the risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and lower urinary tract diseases. Feeding high moisture foods like KatKin allows for better hydration and promotes dilute urine, reducing the risk of these diseases.[1,2,4]

Necessary for healthy fur coats and skin

Water is the major component of most bodily tissues, including skin, therefore water is essential for its normal functioning. Too little moisture in your cats’ food can lead to dehydrated skin which can damage its natural barrier function - and skin is the first line of defence!

Moisture supports good functioning of the digestive system

Water is required for most chemical processes in the body, including those of digestion and absorption. Moisture helps to ‘keep things moving’ in the digestive system, so staying hydrated helps prevent constipation.

How is KatKin made?

70% Moisture. 100% Fresh.

We never add unnatural gravy to KatKin cat food.

We just don’t need to.

Our meals are 70% moisture and 100% fresh meat, completely naturally.

We use only fresh prime cuts of meat.

Gently steam cooked in their natural juices.

Our meals are frozen fresh to lock in the moisture and nutrients.

Finally, they’re packed and sent chilled to KatKin Club homes everywhere.

Backed by science

Every KatKin recipe is formulated by Dr. Justin Shmalberg, a world leading veterinary nutritionist. That’s why there are no grains, fillers or weird ingredients in KatKin. Just premium Fresh ingredients, tailored to the health of your cat.

"Feeding our cats well is the best strategy for preventing chronic diseases."

Dr. Justin Shmalberg

Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist®


The difference we make

Loredana & Charlie

"Charlie used to have a very sensitive stomach, with very smelly diarrhoea. Since KatKin he is like a new cat! He’s so happy now, and we are too."

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Loredana & Charlie
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"As our cat family gets older, they're having issues with their normal cat food. With KatKin, their eyes look brighter and their coats are glistening!"

TrustPilot 5 stars
Stephen & Seb & Alfie
Samantha & Charlie

"Our elderly cat developed some health conditions and we struggled to find the correct food for him. Since KatKin we’ve not looked back. He loves his food and we have a healthy, happy cat."

TrustPilot 5 stars
Samantha & Charlie
Thousands of happy cats
3092+ reviews on Trustpilot


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