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About Serengeti cats

Serengeti cats are a cross between Bengal cats and Oriental shorthairs. The mixed breed can be the perfect companion for your home, as they are playful and have a loyal nature. These athletic felines also thrive in environments where they have room to climb and explore. So dedicated space for this would be encouraged.

Ultimately, they make a great addition to the family as they are sociable and love company. They love company so much they even got the nickname ‘velcro cats’, as they love to curl up beside you for lots of fuss!

Cat statistics

Colour: Serengeti cats have distinctive markings which have been passed through the generations. Generally, you will see this type of cat with either golden, black, cool grey or silver fur, dotted with balck spots.

Coat: Short haired

Size: Medium cat, 36 - 46cm (excluding tail)

Weight: 3.6 - 6.8 kg

Lifespan: Variable but anywhere between 8 - 12 years

Temperament: Gentle, playful, loyal, outgoing

Origin: USA

Benefits of fresh cat food for Serengeti

Serengeti cats can receive multiple benefits when provided daily with fresh cat food, including:

● Improved energy

● Better digestion

● Shinier coats

Like all cats, serengeti cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they receive their nutrients from meat in their diet. Yet industry standard cat food uses little meat, of poor quality, which is cooked at high temperatures to last on a shelf for months, even years. This needs to change.

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Serengeti cat FAQs
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