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Norwegian Forest Cat lying down
Norwegian Forest Cat lying down

Facts about cats: Norwegian Forest Cats

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About Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest Cat Scratching Tree

Norwegian Forest cats are an intelligent breed who loves the outdoors as much as being around their humans. They are well known for their long fur coats, bushy tails and calm, gentle nature. They are larger than the average sized cat, with an elegant and athletic appearance.

Norwegian Forest cats are traditionally playful but they are quite content playing by themselves and having some alone time so are happy to be left alone for short periods of time. This active and inquisitive cat is a great choice for first-time cat owners. 

A breed that has been often mentioned in old Viking stories and that once received royal recognition from King Olaf, who declared them to be the official cat of Norway!

Cat statistics

Norwegian Forest Cat Running in Snow

Colour: Norwegian Forest cats can come in many colours and patterns including solid, bi-colour, black, red, grey, white, red and gold.

Coat: Long haired

Size: Medium / large cat, 30 - 46cm (excluding tail)

Weight: 3.6 - 9 kg

Lifespan: Variable but anywhere between 12 - 20 years

Temperament: Calm, gentle, playful, intelligent

Origin: Norway

Benefits of fresh cat food for Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest cat on sofa

All cats can benefit from eating fresh food daily. Your Norwegian Forest cat is no exception. Some of the changes you might see after swapping to fresh cat food include:

● Increased energy

● Shinier, healthier coat

● Improved digestion

Like all cats, Norwegian Forest cats are obligate carnivores. This means that they are genetically suited to getting the nutrition they need from meat in their diet. Their sharp teeth are ideal for tearing meat, not grinding plants. Their digestive tract is shorter, because it’s built for meat consumption. Their saliva and their liver don’t break down plants like herbivores do. Yet the industry standard often overlooks this. Instead they use little and poor quality meat in their cat food and bulk it out with grains.

At KatKin, we are demanding better. Our fresh cat food is formulated by vets and made with 100% real human-grade meat. Each of our recipes is nutritionally complete and tailored to help your cat live their best nine lives. Switch fearlessly and try fresh cat food with your Norwegian Forest cat today.

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    Made in the UK

Norwegian Forest Cat FAQs

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Simple, fresh & healthy. KatKin are shaking up the modern cat food industry one meal at a time. We demand the very best for cats and you should too. Trial a KatKin 14 day food subscription for your Norwegian Forest cat today and receive 20% off. Norwegian Forest cats not the fun loving feline for you? Discover another cat breed to fall in love with and feed fresh food to daily. We are sure they will be eternally grateful you made the decision to feed them quality fresh meat!