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A bowl of KatKin next to a food tray of Cluck and a plate of cooked chicken
A bowl of KatKin next to a food tray of Cluck and a plate of cooked chicken

Fresh vs Raw Cat Food: What’s the Difference?

Feeding your cat raw food can be risky. Without the cooking process to kill bacteria, raw food can contain pathogens like salmonella and E-coli. Both can be dangerous for you and your cat.

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We do things differently


Our gentle steam cooking method is careful enough to kill any bacteria while retaining all the good nutrients fresh food has to offer. Easy choice.

Banish bad bacteria.

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What's so good about fresh cat food?

Transformational health benefits reported by 93% of KatKin customers

  • Better digestion, less
stink in the litter box

    Better digestion, less stink in the litter box

    No grains your cat struggles to digest = no smell, no mess, no fuss and firmer stools too.

  • More energy and

    More energy and playfulness

    Meat is a cat’s best source of energy. They'll play more and zoomie harder.

  • Shinier, thicker coat
and less hairballs

    Shinier, thicker coat and less hairballs

    Less shed, more shine thanks to good fats and nutrients Healthy inside and out.

  • Easy-to-maintain
healthy weight

    Easy-to-maintain healthy weight

    Personalised calories help cats maintain their perfect weight. No fuss.

How does fresh compare to raw cat food?

Fresh food from KatKinRaw Food
High meat content for cats needs as carnivores
Gently steam cooked to kill bad bacteria
Vet nutritionist formulated & tailored to your cat’s needs
Rated 4.9 stars on Trustpilot

We serve up nutrients. Not bad bacteria.


The truth about raw food is that it brings extra risks. Not just to your cat’s health, but for everyone in your household.

Raw food, especially meat, contains bacteria which can make cats and humans sick. Normally any pathogens are killed off during the cooking process. But, with raw food, the risk remains there.

Even with the greatest care taken, the risk of cross-contamination with raw food is much higher. And spreading bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella throughout your house is particularly dangerous for any young or elderly people around.

Switch to fresh cat food

Don't risk it with raw. Fresh does more.

Black and white shorthair cat eating KatKin's Quack recipe from a pink bowl

KatKin is the safer option. We gently steam cook our recipes below 100 degrees, a process which is thorough enough to kill off any bacteria that could pose a health risk, and gentle enough to retain the nutrients from our premium raw ingredients.

So what are the perks? Well, a whole lot of goodness. Better digestion. More energy. A shinier thicker coat. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

The good stuff

KatKin cat looks in fridge for fresh cat food

Better digestion

KatKin is high in protein and high moisture. That means every bowl gives your cat essential hydration and lots more energy. And the bonus of having more goodness is there’s less food to be excreted as waste – which means less poop to scoop!

More energy

Cats are carnivores. Protein is a much more efficient source of energy for them than carbohydrates. Because KatKin is 100% Fresh premium meat, your cat can turn our meals into energy much more easily. So that’s more time for playing, purring or hunting.

Shinier and thicker coat

You’ll have to see it to believe it. Fresh meat is rich in keratin and naturally occurring fats which promote coat growth and general health. Believe us when we say, the KatKin coat transformation can be astounding.

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The difference fresh food makes