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About Russian Blue cats

Russian Blue cats were spotted by UK sailors in the 1860s when they were visiting the Archangel Isles in Russia. The sailors couldn’t resist bringing these gentle cats home after being mesmerised by their velvety coats and charming personalities. We don’t blame them! It’s hard not to fall in love with this sweet, quiet and intelligent breed. Famed for their dense, silvery-blue coat, Russian Blue cats are known for being sleek and elegant. They appreciate a calm home and will show you love - once you’ve earned it!

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Cat statistics

Colour: Bluish Grey

Coat: Short haired

Size: Medium cat, 38 - 46cm (excluding tail)

Weight: 7 - 15 pounds

Lifespan: Variable but anywhere between 10 - 15 years

Temperament: Perceptive, calm and loving

Origin: Russia

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Benefits of fresh cat food for Russian Blues

Russian Blues will appreciate being fed fresh cat food daily and will enjoy plenty of benefits from it too. These include:

Improved energy

● Shiny, healthier coats

● Better digestion

Like other cats, Russian Blues are obligate carnivores. This means that their bodies are designed for eating meat. Their sharp teeth are for tearing meat; not grinding plants. Their saliva and their liver don’t break down plants like herbivores do. Their digestive tract is shorter, because it’s built for meat. Yet industry standard cat foods overlook this, prioritising profit and shelf life over high quality ingredients. This needs to change. At KatKin, we put cats first. Our fresh cat food is formulated by vets and made with premium ingredients: simply 100% fresh-cooked human-grade meat. Switch fearlessly and try fresh cat food with your Russian Blue today.

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Russian Blue cat FAQs
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