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About Maine Coon cats

The Maine Coon cat breed is an affectionate and friendly feline. Having mannerisms as large as their body, it’s no wonder they make a popular companion. A Maine Coon’s thick, long coat is waterproof, which explains their fascination with playing and even bathing in water. You might not find this cat breed to be adventurous climbers as they prefer to keep their feet on the ground, but they love activities and will want to stay near you to be involved in any action you may be taking part in.

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Cat statistics

Colour: Maine Coons have up to 64 different colour varieties and markings, including ebony, tan and chocolate. Patterns can include bi-colour, tri-colour and tabby.

Coat: Semi-long haired

Size: Large cat, 48 - 81cm (excluding tail)

Weight: 8 - 18 pounds

Lifespan: Variable but anywhere between 13 - 14 years

Temperament: Sociable, affectionate, strong loyalty tendencies

Origin: USA

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Benefits of fresh cat food for Maine Coons

We don’t rave about fresh cat food because we sell it. We truly believe it has the best benefits for your Maine Coon. After an initial adjustment period, Maine Coons could notice the following benefits when provided daily with fresh cat food, including:

Effective weight management

● Better digestion

● Shiny, healthier coats

Maine Coons are obligate carnivores. This means they receive their nutrients from meat. Yet many well-known cat foods typically use poor quality meat, which is cooked at high temperatures to last on a shelf for months, even years. This has to change. KatKin provides fresh cat food that uses 100% fresh-cooked premium meat, which are formulated by our in-house vets and animal nutritionists to be as healthy as possible for your cat. Don’t just take our word for it. Fearlessly switch and try fresh cat food recipes for your Maine Coon.

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