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Egyptian May cat lounging
Egyptian May cat lounging

Facts about cats: Egyptian Mau

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About Egyptian Mau cats

Egyptian Mau cat lying down

The Egyptian Mau cat is an elegant, playful breed.  They have an eye-catching, athletic body and are one of fastest domestic cat breeds. They have been caught running up to speeds of 30 miles per hour! The Egyptian Mau is also the only naturally spotted domestic cat and can be traced back in history over 3,000 years ago.

These bold and curious cats make the perfect family pet as they will show affection to all that are near. If you want a cat to play with and cuddle, the Egyptian Mau may be for you.

Cat statistics

Egyptian Mau cat on balcony

Colour: Egyptian Mau cats have a spotted coat that can come in a variety of colours including silver, smokey brown, bronze, black, caramel, and blue/pewter.

Coat: Short haired

Size: Medium cat, 36 - 46cm (excluding tail)

Weight: 3.6 - 5.4 kg

Lifespan: 12 - 15 years

Temperament: Playful, affectionate, good with children.

Origin: Egypt

Benefits of fresh cat food for Egyptian Mau cats

Egyptian Mau cat outdoors

You can notice a range of health benefits for your Egyptian Mau cat if you feed them with fresh cat food daily. These can include:

  • Improved digestion

  • More energy

  • Shinier, healthy coats

Like all cats, Egyptian Mau cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they receive their nutrients from meat in their diet. The industry standard cat food however uses little meat, of poor quality. This is then cooked at high temperatures so it lasts on a shelf for months, even years. This is no good for your cat and needs to change.

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Egyptian Mau cat FAQs

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Simple, fresh & healthy. At KatKin we are demanding nothing short of the best for cats. You should too. Trial a KatKin 14 day fresh food subscription for your Egyptian Mau cat now and receive 20% off. Egyptian Mau cats not your cup of tea? Discover another cat breed to fall in love with and feed fresh food to daily. We know they will love you for feeding them quality fresh meat - the question is whether they show it with long cuddles, head nudges or love bites!