Fresh cat food.

Healthy food, happy cat.

Personalised vet-formulated cat food from our kitchen to yours.

Frozen Fresh and delivered to your door.

Thousands of happy cats
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Fresh is best

Cats. The original underdogs

Kibble still resembles the first commercial pet food recipe in 1860. And it was formulated for dogs, not cats!

That’s like trying to use an industrial steam engine to check your emails. This is an industry that’s crying out for some innovation, people.

Premium ingredients. Frozen Fresh. Formulated for cats and cats alone. KatKin is here to help cat food catch up.

We make fresh cat food.

Industry standard cat food often starts out with poor quality meat, cooked at searing hot temperatures to keep it shelf stable for years. That’s why you see it in the supermarket next to the detergents and cleaning products. And in kibble, the main ingredients are grains and starches – two ingredients cats aren’t made to digest in high amounts.

We do things differently. Premium ingredients, prepared by hand with minimal processing. Gently pasteurised, Frozen Fresh. All formulated around the health of your cat.

High quality ingredients

We choose Fresh because we choose the health of our cats over low production costs. Tailored nutrition over pet food by numbers. Natural over nasties.

Cats look and feel their best when they eat a diet high in Fresh, premium meat. So that’s exactly what we put into KatKin cat food. And we freeze it to keep the Freshness locked in.

You’ve had other cat foods, but you haven’t seen the best yet. Better digestion. Improved energy. Shiny, healthy coats. And so much more. We call it: The Glow Up.

Freshness. Frozen in.

We don't blast our cat food at high temperatures

Our meals are gently steam cooked to get rid of any bad bacteria while preserving their natural nutrition. To lock the goodness in, they're frozen fresh.

Because our ingredients are worth preserving

100% Fresh, premium meat. High-quality produce. It won’t last years, or even months – and that’s exactly the way cat food should be.

Get every cat glowing

This means cats can benefit directly from the nutrition in every pouch. And they’ll feel the glow. We’re talking healthy digestion, shiny coats, improved energy and more.

Cat food for every cat

Kitten. Senior. Fluffy. Fussy.

No matter your cat’s life stage or unique needs, KatKin has the goodness to get them glowing.

Tailored for yours

We tailor KatKin to every cat we meet. We take age, size, weight, and health conditions into account when personalising your plan.

One pouch. One cat. One day. Pretty simple.

Our recipes are formulated by our Board-Certified Vet Nutritionist® to contain all the nutrients your cat needs, we portion their exact daily calorie needs into one pouch for easy feeding.

We've kept it simple

Introduce us to your cat.

We'll build a box tailored to their needs.

Cross cat food off the shopping list.

We deliver straight to your door.

Forget about food waste.

One pouch. One cat. One day. Complete nutrition.

No strings attached.

Change, pause or cancel your monthly plan online anytime.

Spot the difference.

We'll build a box tailored to their needs.

We've got your back.

We always remind you when we'll see you next so you can make any changes you need.

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Healthy cats. Happy cat people. Handy deliveries. Wholesome bowls.