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KatKin Glow Up - The Poo Review

KatKin Glow Up - The Poo Review

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Glow Up


A tail-shaking total transformation from house-cat to hero. Improves appearance, mood, and energy for all nine lives.

Meet Max, fully-fledged member of the #KatKinClub

“We’ve had Max for 4 months now and he’s always had diarrhoea, been in and out of the vets to see if there is an issue. Decided to try Fresh cat food, and the difference is unbelievable. The difference in his poo is amazing (sorry), it’s solid and it doesn’t smell.” - Stacy

The science bits

During digestion, the body takes what it wants, and gets rid of the rest. Because cats are carnivores, they’re able to digest and absorb a lot more of our meat diets than they would one packed with grains, so less comes out the other end. They also digest meat much quicker than plant-based foods, so there’s less time to ferment and develop those rich, fecal smells. You’re welcome.

But wait, there’s more

While your cat can slink around the neighbourhood with the best poop in town, you can also look forward to more glow ups with KatKin. We’re talking better weight management, a glossier and thicker coat, and a new spring in their step.

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