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KatKin Glow Up - Feel The Zeal

KatKin Glow Up - Feel The Zeal

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Glow Up


A tail-shaking total transformation from house-cat to hero. Improves appearance, mood, and energy for all nine lives.

Meet Zena, fully-fledged member of the #KatKinClub

Russian Blue cat with green eyes lying on a grey sofa enjoying the sun

“While her coat glossier and her litter less messy (we've actually saved money on litter since switching), the biggest change we've seen is in her personality. She's more active, sprints around the house, she even plays fetch with us and catches a ball!” - Kate

The science bits

You don’t have to be a vet nutritionist to understand why eating healthier makes your cat more bouncy and energetic, but we will say it helps to have one on the team. It’s the exact same in humans, the body just works better when you’re fuelling it right.

Cats are built to eat meat, so their little guts make the most of our high meat content meals; absorbing far more nutrients and converting it to energy far quicker than grain-packed supermarket cat foods. More energy means more play, curiosity and a generally better mood … though you might not thank us when it’s all happening at 1am.

But wait, there’s more

While your cat can bounce around the neighbourhood with more energy than the mascot of a famous battery brand, you can also look forward to more glow ups with KatKin. We’re talking better weight management, a glossier and thicker coat, and less mess in the litter box.

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