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KatKin Glow Up - A Gloat-Worthy Coat

KatKin Glow Up - A Gloat-Worthy Coat

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Glow Up


A tail-shaking total transformation from house-cat to hero. Improves appearance, mood, and energy for all nine lives.

Meet Caesar, fully-fledged member of the #KatKinClub

How it started vs how it's going

Close up of a fluffy black and white cat lying down

Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s sulphur-containing amino-acids from a high meat content diet.

“When we found KatKin we thought we'd give it a try and we're so glad we did! From day one he loved the cat food, and you can see that he is so much happier and healthier (and less scraggly)." @maincoonskye_caesar

The science bits

Looks aren’t everything … but when it comes to a cat’s coat, it’s a pretty good indication of overall health.

Our KatKin meals keep your cat’s coat shiny and healthy, from the inside out. There’s naturally occurring high fat content in our meat, which supports keratin production in your cat. The impact? A shinier, thicker coat.

But wait, there’s more

While your cat can saunter around the neighbourhood with the best coat as far as the eye can see, you can also look forward to more glow ups with KatKin. We’re talking better weight management, more energy and playfulness, and less mess in the litter box.

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