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KatKin Glow Up - Weight Off Your Mind

KatKin Glow Up - Weight Off Your Mind

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Glow Up


A tail-shaking total transformation from house-cat to hero. Improves appearance, mood, and energy for all nine lives.

Meet Kooky, fully-fledged member of the #KatKinClub

How it started vs how it's going

Black cat stretched out in the sun outside

"I never use to pay attention to portion sizes before, after switching to KatKin, Kooky lost weight without either of us trying. Now she's slimmer, happier and far more energetic" - Izzy

The science bits

The science here mainly comes down to good old fashioned portioning- making sure your cat is eating exactly what they need, nothing more, nothing less. Pretty boring right? That’s why we do it for you, and customise it to your cat, because one size doesn’t fit all.

The freshness helps too; our meals are less dense in calories than dried kibbles, so your cat can eat more of it without putting on weight. Our high meat content will also give your cat more energy to play around and run off extra weight.

But wait, there’s more

While your cat can show off their healthier physique, you can also look forward to more glow ups with KatKin. We’re talking energy for days, a glossier and thicker coat, and less mess in the litter box.

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