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No secret recipes.

Here’s exactly what’s in our Fresh meals.
Spoiler alert: you won’t find any nasties, fillers or preservatives.
But we do have 100% premium ingredients, handmade and Frozen Fresh.
Our Fish Recipe is 100% Fresh premium Whitefish, Salmon and Turkey Liver.
Our Chicken Recipe is 100% Fresh premium Chicken Thigh, Liver and Heart.
Our Turkey Recipe is 100% Fresh premium Turkey Thigh, Gizzards and Liver.
Bubble & Quack!
Our Fish and Duck Recipe is 100% Fresh Whitefish, Salmon and Duck Meat & Liver.
Our Lamb Recipe is 100% Fresh premium Lamb Trim, Liver and Heart.
Our Beef Recipe is 100% Fresh premium Beef Trim, Heart and Liver.
Our Duck Recipe is 100% Fresh premium Duck Breast, Liver and Chicken Heart.
Our Pork Recipe is 100% Fresh premium Pork Trim and Shoulder.
Because cats are obligate carnivores and need Fresh, premium meat to thrive
To preserve and lock in all the taste and nutritional goodness
Nutritionally tailored to your cat by our Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist®
High moisture keeps cats hydrated, the way nature intended
Backed By Science
Dr. Justin Shmalberg is a world-leading veterinary nutritionist and a passionate advocate for fresh food for pets.
Justin is one of less than 100 Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionists® in the US and has published a number of scientific papers.
With KatKin, Justin is committed to providing all cats with the best species-specific, high protein diets to promote their health and longevity.
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Healthy cats. Happy cat people. Handy deliveries. Wholesome bowls.