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Solve sensitive stomachs with fresh cat food

Sensitive cat stomachs prefer a low-carb, high protein diet. Our 100% real meat cat food is easily digestible making it an ideal choice for your cats health.

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Devoured by thousands of healthy cats.

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100% real meat. Gentle on cat tummies.

Black and white shorthair cat eating KatKin's Quack recipe from a pink bowl

Formulated by our in-house vets and nutritionists

Our team of world-class vets and nutritionists design every recipe to be the very best for your cat's health.

100% fresh, premium meat

Our cat food recipes are highly digestible and soft on sensitive stomachs. With 100% gently steamed fresh meat, available in 8 flavours.

Completely grain-free

That means more meat, higher protein and better nutrition for your cat. Plus many cat parents report fewer upset tummies!

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Say goodbye to thrown up food

Cat on table

There's nothing worse than feeding your cat, only to hear that awful retching sound.

Unfortunately sensitive stomachs are far too frequent in many cats due to cat food containing grains, fillers and nasties - far from a cat's natural diet.

KatKin's real meat fresh food is highly digestible and what cats evolved to eat, meaning it's gentle on sensitive stomachs and nutrients are easily absorbed.

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Less mess in the litter tray

Main Coon lying on a rug in front of a bag of KatKin's Scoop Health litter and a litter tray in the background

Many KatKin customers report fewer, smaller, firmer and less smelly poops. Why? When food is highly digestible, more of it is absorbed leading to less mess.

Forget preservatives and fillers. KatKin's 100% fresh premium meat is gently steamed then frozen, perfect for sensitive stomachs.

Designed to mimic a cat's ancestral diet, our recipes are naturally nutritious and tailored to the requirements of your cat.

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What Causes Sensitive Stomachs in Cats?

Many domestic cats can have an allergy or sensitivity to certain ingredients in their food such as corn, soy and other filler ingredients.

So what can you do to help soothe your cat’s stomach?

Make sure their diets are made from high-quality ingredients. Cheap grains and fillers should be avoided. 

Fresh food is ideal as there is plenty of moisture locked in, meaning it helps them stay hydrated and helps them absorb more nutrients. The higher water content is also helpful to cats that have been suffering from constipation, diarrhoea or vomiting.

Since cats are carnivores, real meat foods like KatKin that replicate the nutritional composition of cats' natural diets in the wild may also be easier for your cats sensitive stomach to digest.

What difference can real meat, fresh cat food make?

Transformational health benefits reported by 93% of KatKin customers

  • Better digestion, less
stink in the litter box

    Better digestion, less stink in the litter box

    No grains your cat struggles to digest = no smell, no mess, no fuss and firmer stools too.

  • More energy and

    More energy and playfulness

    Meat is a cat’s best source of energy. They'll play more and zoomie harder.

  • Shinier, thicker coat
and less hairballs

    Shinier, thicker coat and less hairballs

    Less shed, more shine thanks to good fats and nutrients Healthy inside and out.

  • Easy-to-maintain
healthy weight

    Easy-to-maintain healthy weight

    Personalised calories help cats maintain their perfect weight. No fuss.

Choose from 8 different recipes

Kittens with food pouches

All easily digestible for sensitive stomachs.

Every cat is different. That’s why we offer 8 different gourmet cat food recipes, including single-source protein recipes for cats that may be allergic to a particular meat protein.

No hidden ingredients. No 'animal derivatives'. No grains or fillers.

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Everything your cat needs for a healthier life


Our grain-free cat food is everything your cat needs, and nothing they don’t. We’re balanced and complete, and each pouch is your cat’s personalised daily calorie intake. That means one pouch of KatKin each day is all you need – no other food necessary. 

So, our 100% fresh-cooked meat recipes are more filling, more nutritious – and more value for your money too.

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The difference real meat, fresh cat food makes for sensitive stomachs