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Sensitive stomach cat food

Banish sensitive stomachs

There's nothing worse than feeding your cat only to hear that awful retching sound a few moments later. If this is an all-too-common occurrence in your household, your cat might have a sensitive stomach.

Benefits of our cat food for sensitive stomachs

A guide to sensitive stomach cat food

Unfortunately, sensitive stomachs are far too frequent in many cats due to commercial cat food containing grains, fillers and preservatives – Not exactly a cat's natural diet.

KatKin’s 100% real meat fresh food is here to save the day (and your carpets). Our delicious recipes are easy for cats to digest and consist of what cats have evolved to eat – meat. That means it's gentle on sensitive stomachs. And nutrients are more easily absorbed for a happier, healthier cat.

  • Better nutrition – cats are carnivores, real meat foods like KatKin replicate the nutritional composition of a cat’s natural diet in the wild and are easier for your cat's sensitive stomach to digest. Plus, we don’t stuff our recipes with carbs and fillers that cause sensitivities.

  • No more carpet cleaning – Because the 100% fresh meat recipes are gentler on sensitive stomachs, your cat won’t vomit after eating. That means less time cleaning the carpet. And more time lying in.

  • Less mess in the litter tray – Many KatKin customers report fewer, smaller, and less smelly poops after they make the switch. Why? When food is highly digestible, more of it is absorbed, absorbed. And there's less poop for you to scoop.

  • Better hydrated cats – Hydration is a tricky topic for cats. They’re not very good at remembering to drink water. Wild cats get most of their hydration from their food, so it’s easy for your cat to become dehydrated on a poor diet .That could lead to urinary and kidney problems. Our pouches retain all the natural moisture your cat needs (but make sure you always offer clean water anyway).

  • Happier cats – Easier digestion means better nutrition. Better nutrition means more energetic cats. Which means they can get back to doing what they love – playing, sleeping on your clean clothes, and zooming around the house at 3 am.

KatKin’s sensitive stomach cat food

KatKin does cat food better. Our fresh food isn’t packed with fillers, carbs, or any other nasties. It’s gently cooked to preserve its nutrients and made from 100% human-quality meat (so you know it’s good). Irresistible and perfect for sensitive stomachs.

Fresh food


Fresh, 100% gently-cooked whitefish, salmon and turkey liver.

Why choose KatKin’s cat food for sensitive stomachs?

The healthiest option

We keep banging on about the health benefits of KatKin. But that’s because it IS the healthiest option. Not nasties. No preservatives. Just 100% meat goodness.

Easy to serve

Thanks to our pre-portioned trays and pouches, KatKin is the most convenient cat food. No measuring. Not faff. Pop one whole tray in their bowl. Simple.

Sensitive stomach cat food trial boxes available

New to KatKin and trying to decide whether to make the switch? We offer a trial box so your cat can try all our meals before you commit! Fill out the questionnaire to customise it to their needs.

UK-wide sensitive stomach cat food delivery

Get your KatKin delivered anywhere in the UK. Simply choose your recipes and any add-ons (like our Chicken Sprinkles or Salmon Nibbles). We’ll take care of the rest. Delicious, fresh, 100% human quality meat delivered right to your doorstep.

Tempting flavours for every cat

We go further than chicken or fish. Our range of tasty fresh cat food comes in a variety of nutritionally balanced flavours. So if your cat loves just one or enjoys a variety, we’ve got them covered. No matter which flavour is on the menu, you know they’re getting a well-balanced, good-for-them meal.

Fresh sensitive stomach cat food vs wet & dry cat food for sensitive stomach

Guide To The Best Diet For Your Cat

Where wet or dry commercial cat foods are filled with ingredients that could be causing their sensitive stomachs (such as carbs, grains, or things cats have no business eating), KatKin’s fresh, sensitive stomach-friendly cat food is formulated by our in-house vets and nutritionists to be the best option for your cat.

Our cat food is everything your cat needs (and nothing they don’t). We’re balanced and complete, and each pouch is customised to your cat’s daily calorie intake needs. That means more meat, higher protein and better nutrition for your cat. Plus, many cat parents report fewer upset tummies! One pouch of KatKin each day is all you need – no other food necessary.

Sensitive stomach kitten food

KatKin Fresh Kitten Food

And have we mentioned that we’re kitten friendly too? Where most commercial cat foods are split out by your cat’s age (making it a faff to change between them), you can feed KatKin from the moment you bring them home. No fussing. Less mess. No more upset tummies.

It literally couldn’t be easier to help your cat’s sensitive stomach. Learn more about what causes your cat to have a sensitive stomach in our sensitive stomach cat food guide and make the switch to fresh cat food.

The difference real meat, fresh cat food makes for sensitive stomachs

How to change cat food

Love hard. Feed fresh.

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