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Old tabby cat resting on the bed
Old tabby cat resting on the bed

Fresh senior cat food

Senior cat food for mature cats

Your senior cat needs some extra TLC in their later years. Fresh senior cat food provides everything your elderly cat needs to feel their best and helps keep that spring in their step.

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Benefits of our senior cat food

KatKin cat waits for fresh cat food

Easy to digest. Gentle on the teeth.
We use only 100% real meat and because all our recipes are gently steam-cooked. This make them easy to digest. The cooking process also makes the meat soft and easy-to-eat. Perfect for those older cats with fewer teeth.

Plenty of protein.
The 100% meat recipes has a high level of protein which is easy on your older cat’s stomach and helps to maintain lean muscle mass. It also helps them to feel satisfied after every meal.

Naturally high in moisture
Senior cats especially need high moisture meals to stay hydrated. Food with a high moisture level also helps aid digestion and may have long-term benefits on weight control and urinary health.

Real meat
Cat health always comes first. That's why we use real meat, just the same as you’d buy from the butcher. Most mainstream cat food only contains a low percentage of meat and tons of fillers.

Helping senior cats re-discover hunger
Many cat parents find their older cats have a reduced appetite. But the right nutrition can help them get it back. KatKin has helped many senior cats rediscover their hunger and reap the benefits of high quality nutrition – from fussy eaters to licking the plate clean!

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KatKin’s fresh senior cat food

Our senior cat food isn’t dry, wet, or raw. It’s fresh. Made with only 100% real, human-quality meat (and our special nutrient mix), gently cooked. We do cat food differently so your cat feels their best, no matter their age.

Fresh food


Fresh, 100% gently-cooked whitefish, salmon and turkey liver.

Why choose KatKin’s food for older cats?

Simple senior cat food delivery

No matter where you are in the UK (except for the Scottish highlands or islands – sorry) we’ll deliver your KatKin box and drop it off on your doorstep. All you need to do is set up your delivery schedule and relax.

Senior cat food trial boxes available

Not sure whether to make the switch? We offer a trial box so your senior cat can try our most popular flavours. Our delicious recipes are sure to be your old cat’s new favourite.

Personalised portions.

Our trays and pouches are easy and convenient to feed. Personalised and formulated for your cat, and portioned out into easy-to-feed portions, there’s no more faffing around with measuring cups or scales.

A flavour for every feline

We go further than just chicken or fish. Our range of tasty fresh cat food comes in a variety of different, nutritionally balanced flavours. So if your cat adores just one or enjoys a variety, we’ve got them covered. No matter which flavour is on the menu, you know they’re getting a well balanced good-for-them meal.

A healthy & grain free alternative to senior wet cat food

A bowl of KatKin next to a food tray of Cluck and a plate of cooked chicken

Because KatKin is vet formulated, it’s perfect for cats of every life stage. For senior cats especially, it's important that they’re nourished with quality food that meets their unique nutritional needs.

Commercial cat food brands are packed with carbohydrates which cats, especially elderly cats, struggle to digest. They’re also crammed full of other fillers like soya or lentils, preservatives, and additives that don’t do your cat any good at all. This means your cat is hungrier and screaming for more just hours after eating – meaning you’re feeding them the wrong amount and spending more while you’re at it.

And another perk of KatKin – it’s soft enough to be enjoyed by cats of all ages, regardless of how many teeth they may have.

Our 100% fresh-cooked meat recipes are more filling, more nutritious, and more value for your money too.

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Tailored cat food for older cats

KatKin vs Sheba: what's the best food for my cat

Every easy-to-feed portion of KatKin has been specially formulated for your cat. Our vets tailor each recipe to their individual needs, taking breed, weight, size, and age into account.

It’s pretty much a no-brainer. Feed your cat KatKin’s fresh cat food to help your older cat bounce back – even those older cats whose kitten days are far behind them.

The difference real meat, fresh cat food makes in senior cats