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Maincoon cat sat in front of a KatKin box looking at the camera
Maincoon cat sat in front of a KatKin box looking at the camera

Grain free cat food.

Fresh food = grain free cat food

Commercial cat food. Accessible. Easy-to-feed. Full of rubbish.

Did you know your cat is an obligate carnivore? This means that in order to live a happy, healthy life, they need to eat meat. Commercial cat food brands try to hoodwink customers with their promise of high protein foods but most of them are full of grains and other fillers that aren’t good for your cat. Fresh, grain free cat food is the best option for them – rich in protein, not carbs!

Our grain free cat food benefits

KatKin fresh chicken cat meals
  • Tastier – Our fresh, grain-free cat food uses 100% human-quality meat which is tastier and more appealing than dry, hard kibble. 

  • Taurine-rich – Cats can’t create their own taurine (which they need to stay healthy) and the best supply comes from meat.

  • Less mess – Cats can’t digest carbohydrates well, resulting in more waste and smellier litter trays. They don’t have this problem with 100% human-quality meat.

  • Maintain a healthier weight – Without all those fillers, and a higher moisture content, your cat is more likely to maintain a healthier weight than when on kibble or wet food. You’ll probably also notice they have a shinier coat too!

  • More energy – KatKin can help your cat feel more energetic and playful thanks to the better energy source. Great for playing harder and zooming faster.

KatKin's grain free cat food

KatKin does food differently. Our food isn’t dry, wet or raw. It’s fresh – gently cooked to preserve its nutrients and made from 100% human grade meat (so you know it’s good). You’ll find no carbohydrates, fillers, or added flavourings or preservatives here.

Fresh food


Fresh, 100% gently-cooked whitefish, salmon and turkey liver.

Why choose KatKin’s grain free cat food?

Only fresh, high quality meat

Our fresh, grain free cat food is made from 100% human-grade meat. No fillers. No carbs. Just the good stuff that your cat will love.

Grain free cat food trial boxes available

New to KatKin and trying to decide whether to make the switch? We offer a trial box so your cat can try all our flavours before you commit! Simply fill out the questionnaire to customise it to their needs!

UK-wide grain free cat food delivery

There’s no need to make a run to the pet shop anymore. With KatKin, your food is delivered wherever you live in the UK on a schedule to suit you. Set up your subscription to have delicious, 100% human-quality meat, grain free cat food dropped right at your door.

Easy-to-feed pre-portioned meals

Every KatKin meal is tailored to your cat and their needs. Each portion is ready to go, no need to weigh, measure, or faff with a hungry cat shouting at you to hurry up.

A flavour for every feline

We go further than just chicken or fish. Our range of tasty fresh cat food comes in a variety of different, nutritionally balanced flavours. So if your cat adores just one or enjoys a variety, we’ve got them covered. No matter which flavour is on the menu, you know they’re getting a well balanced good-for-them meal.

Fresh grain free cat food vs grain free wet & dry cat food

KatKin_221011_02_ProductWithCat2-061 cat eating 2

It’s become the norm for many wet and dry foods to advertise being grain-free. Great! Or is it?

Instead of grains, these foods are crammed full of alternatives like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, or lentils. And when the grain made up the majority, it’s still not good for your cat. Even the most high-end grain-free kibble and wet food might not be ideal for your cat’s dietary needs.

Our fresh, grain-free cat food is superior in every way. Not only do we use way higher-quality ingredients (no meat “derivatives” here), it’s naturally grain free and full of all the good stuff your cat needs to be healthy. Switching to KatKin is a no brainer.

Grain free kitten food

Kittens eating

Did you know you can feed KatKin to your kitten? We have some excellent vets on our team to formulate our food to help your kitten grow up on a naturally balanced diet. We only use ingredients that are easily digestible for kittens. No grains, starches, or low-quality meat. Just 100%, gently steamed meat that retains all its nutrients and moisture. Yum!

Go against the grain (and grain-free). Feed fresh, real meat cat food – not carbs. Our genuinely grain-free cat food is made from 100% human-grade meat, gently cooked to lock in those all-important nutrients, and delivered right to your doorstep. 

Going all-in for your cat’s health is easy with KatKin.

The difference real meat, grain free cat food makes

Bengal cat eating a bowl of KatKin. Woman about to sprinkle KatKin Sprinkles on top of the meat..

Order grain free cat food.

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