Kibble is dead.

Long-live our fresh grain-free cat food.

Cats evolved to eat meat, not grains. That’s why we make our 100% fresh-cooked meat cat food entirely grain-free. And that’s why our cats zoomie harder, jump higher, and live better.

Thousands of happy cats
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Welcome to grain-free.

Welcome to fresh.

KatKin is a new category of cat food. Not wet, dry, or raw, but fresh. That means:

- 100% freshly-sourced premium meat

- Gentle steam-cooking

- Frozen to stay fresh

- Balanced and complete

- No grains, no preservatives, no nonsense

Why is our fresh grain-free cat food best?

Cats evolved to eat meat

Like their wild ancestors, our cats naturally thrive on meat. Their instinct is to hunt mice, rabbits and birds – not grains.

They struggle to digest grains in large quantities

Dry food’s whole structure is made of grains like wheat, barley and rice. But cats are carnivores who need a meat-based diet to thrive: all these grains aren’t natural for them. Unlike herbivores or even omnivores, they can’t start breaking down starch in their saliva, and their liver can’t help as much either. That’s why cats in the wild get less than 2% of their energy from grains.

Cats need meat to keep up with their needs

A cat’s liver enzymes are constantly breaking down proteins for energy and blood glucose levels. If they don’t get enough protein in their diet, their bodies break down their muscles to try and meet their protein and amino acid needs.

Cats need meat as a source of essential nutrients

Take taurine as an example. For cats, taurine plays a crucial role in the immune system, vision, heart function and reproduction. But cats can’t make taurine for themselves, so they need to get it from animals who can – by eating meat.

Not all grain-free cat foods have quality meat

A brand might say grain-free or high-protein. But if it’s made with powdered meat derivatives or packed with preservatives, it’s still not the 100% fresh-cooked, nutrient-rich meat your cat really needs.

What difference can fresh grain-free cat food make?

Easier digestion

Our 100% fresh-cooked premium meat is what cats are built to process

Less smelly, messy poops

Grain-free food isn’t just good for your cat’s digestion – it’s better for your nose

Softer, lusher coats

100% fresh-cooked meat means the right amino acids for healthy coats and healthy skin

More energy and playfulness

Cats get energy most efficiently from meat, meaning livelier, happier cats

8 grain-free recipes

Every recipe we make is grain-free, including: 

- Cluck! 100% fresh-cooked chicken thigh, liver and heart

- Oink! 100% fresh-cooked pork trim and shoulder

- Gobble! 100% fresh-cooked turkey thigh, gizzards and liver, chicken

- Splash! 100% fresh-cooked whitefish, salmon and turkey liver

- Quack! 100% fresh-cooked duck meat, gizzards, liver and chicken heart and thigh

- Mooo! 100% fresh-cooked beef trim, heart and liver

- Bubble & Quack! 100% fresh-cooked whitefish, salmon and duck meat and liver

- Baaa! 100% fresh-cooked lamb trim, liver and heart, beef

It means there’s something for every cat – even for cats with allergies. Plus, our clear, honest ingredients mean you always know what’s in every dish.

All your cat needs for a healthier life

Our grain-free cat food is everything your cat needs, and nothing they don’t. We’re balanced and complete, and each pouch is your cat’s personalised daily calorie intake. That means one pouch of KatKin each day is all you need – no other food necessary. 

So, our 100% fresh-cooked meat recipes are more filling, more nutritious – and more value for your money too.

Ready for your cat’s best health?

The difference we make

Anjie and Drake

"Skin condition solved! My cat suffers from Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex, which causes constant itching, dry skin and cracked paw pads. On KatKin, he is a different cat. He is so playful, full of energy. His coat is thick and glossy and he looks SO healthy and happy."

TrustPilot 5 stars
Anjie and Drake
Laura and Olivia

"Our elderly cat developed some health conditions and we struggled to find the correct food for him. Since KatKin we’ve not looked back. He loves his food and we have a healthy, happy cat."

TrustPilot 5 stars
Laura and Olivia
Krasi and Gigi

"Amazing quality cat food. He has a sensitive tummy and KatKin did not cause any bad reactions – and it was always problematic for us when we changed his food in the past, really impressed!"

TrustPilot 5 stars
Krasi and Gigi
Thousands of happy cats
2643+ reviews on Trustpilot

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