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Norwegian Forest cat on sofa
Norwegian Forest cat on sofa

Norwegian Forest Kitten Food

Norwegian Forest kittens are intelligent and calm, but they also have a playful side. This remains true throughout kittenhood into being a full grown adult cat. As one of the larger domestic cat breeds, these kittens need the nurture to develop into strong cats. Support your Norwegian with a nutritious diet to help ensure the healthy development of their fast growing bodies. Fresh, high protein kitten food is the best choice to give this beautiful breed a healthy start to life.

Try fresh food for Norwegian Forest Kittens

Feeding a Growing Norwegian Forest Kitten

A Norwegian Forest kitten needs to receive a fully balanced diet in order to thrive. When feeding your new kitten you should ensure each meal consists of:

  • High Levels of Protein - To ensure they grow at the correct rate. Norwegian Forest cats are a large breed and their athletic physique demands quality protein.

  • Fats and Fatty Acids - Small amounts of taurine and arginine will help your kitten grow and keep a shiny coat.

  • Vitamins - A variety of vitamins are needed to ensure kittens will grow to their full potential.

  • Carbohydrates - A small amount of carbs is needed for growth.

KatKin precisely balances all these nutritional needs in our vet formulated kitten food recipes. What’s more, we can specially tailor your kitten food subscription as your Norwegian Forest grows, to make sure they are getting the fuel they need to thrive in every stage of their life.

How much should Norwegian Forest kittens eat?

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One pouch of KatKin fresh kitten food will satisfy your Norwegian Forest kitten daily. This is because we personalise the portion for every cat we meet. Simply split one pouch into 3 - 4 servings throughout the day and your kitten will receive all the nutrients they require.

Norwegian Forest kittens reach fully grown when they are around three to four years old, since they are part of the larger breeds of domestic cats. We recommend feeding young Norwegians Fresh kitten food from 2 months onwards to help support their growth and development.

Benefits of Fresh Kitten Food For Norwegian Forest Cats

We are demanding the best for cats and that means feeding them right from kittenhood. We will never compromise on putting cat health above all else. That is why our Fresh cat food guarantees the best nutritional benefits for your Norwegian Forest. 

Like all other domestic cat breeds, Norwegian Forests are obligate carnivores. This means they are genetically suited to digesting a high protein, meat filled diet. Better digestion means better absorption of nutrients and better use of energy. It’s simple. 

That is what KatKin supplies. No fluff. No fillers. Just real, human-grade meat in recipes that have been formulated by our vets. Give your Norwegian Forest kitten the quality food they deserve.

Thousands of Norwegian Forest Kittens are thriving on Fresh food

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