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Norwegian Forest Cat lying down
Norwegian Forest Cat lying down

Norwegian Forest Cat Food

Norwegian Forest cats are larger than the average sized domestic cat. With a calm and gentle nature, this breed loves to be outdoors, which matches their athletic appearance. Norwegian Forests need a well balanced, nutritious diet to keep them strong and healthy. Fresh, high protein cat food is an ideal choice to fuel them whilst they play and explore.

Try fresh food for Norwegian Forest Cats

How much should Norwegian Forest cats eat?

Norwegian Forest cats should eat a high protein diet to help sustain their best health. But the amount your furry friend eats is obviously dependent on age, weight and lifestyle. For example, are they let outside to roam a lot? 

There are other factors that should be considered so you do not overfeed your Norwegian Forest cat, such as how active they are. Norwegians are a known breed for accumulating weight easily, which is why monitoring food can be key. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if your cat is overweight just by looking at them as they can be so fluffy.

Luckily KatKin cat food is personalised to them, so your cat food subscription will take all of this into consideration. Just tell us your cat's details and we will do the rest.

Do Norwegian Forest cats eat more than other breeds?

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Norwegian Forest cats do eat more than other breeds purely down to their large size. This being said, overfeeding can be an issue for this breed as they can pile the weight on quite quickly. Maintain a healthy weight of your Norwegian Forest cat by feeding them Fresh cat food, which has been personalised to them.

Benefits of Fresh Cat Food For Norwegian Forests

We don’t just rave about Fresh cat food because we sell it. We truly believe it has the best nutritional benefits for your Norwegian Forest cat. As Norwegians, like all other domestic cat breeds, are obligate carnivores they need to have a high content of meat in their diet.

Ideally Norwegian Forest cats should have a high protein diet which is low in carbohydrates, with 20-30% composed of good fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Made with 100% human-quality real meat, KatKin provides all the nutrients they need.

Our high protein, Fresh cat food provides optimal nutrition for your Norwegian Forest, so they'll purr louder, zoomie faster and live longer.

Thousands of Norwegian Forest Cats are thriving on Fresh food

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