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Fresh chicken cat food
Fresh chicken cat food

Gourmet cat food. 100% real meat fresh food.

Cats evolved to eat meat, not grains. KatKin's gourmet cat food is grain-free and contains everything your cat needs to thrive.

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Devoured by thousands of healthy cats.

3000+ reviews on Trustpilot.

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100% fresh meat. Naturally delicious.

KatKin cat waits for fresh cat food

Meat, glorious meat

The best food for cat health and flavour? Meat, just like cats evolved to eat.

Highest quality ingredients for better flavour

Our recipes are made from 100% fresh premium meat, just like humans eat. When ingredients are good, you don't need to mess around with them to make them tasty.

Taste tested by cats (and humans)

Our recipes are rigorously tested against other brands to ensure cats love them. Unlike other brands, we often try them ourselves to ensure the highest quality.

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No sugary gravies or jellies.

KatKin Fresh Kitten Food

Find your cat licking the jelly and leaving the meat? That's a problem.

Jellies and gravies can be packed with sugars. Tasty for cats, not so great for cat health.

What's tastier and better for your cat? The meat's own tasty juices, sealed into the pouch.

Our fresh, premium meat is gently steamed to lock-in all the nutrients.

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Quality and quantity. We don’t make you choose.


Not all grain-free cat foods are made equal. The truth is, many brands shout about their protein quantity, but are oddly silent when it comes to their quality.

KatKin’s Fresh meat quantity is 100% , so naturally high in protein. And as for our quality, we only ever use premium cuts of Fresh meat, exactly the same as you’d get from your local butcher.

So when it comes to quality vs. quantity, don’t compromise. Choose both.

What difference can healthy gourmet cat food make?

Transformational health benefits reported by 93% of KatKin customers

  • Better digestion, less
stink in the litter box

    Better digestion, less stink in the litter box

    No grains your cat struggles to digest = no smell, no mess, no fuss and firmer stools too.

  • More energy and

    More energy and playfulness

    Meat is a cat’s best source of energy. They'll play more and zoomie harder.

  • Shinier, thicker coat
and less hairballs

    Shinier, thicker coat and less hairballs

    Less shed, more shine thanks to good fats and nutrients Healthy inside and out.

  • Easy-to-maintain
healthy weight

    Easy-to-maintain healthy weight

    Personalised calories help cats maintain their perfect weight. No fuss.

The healthiest for your cat

Mooo Fresh beef cat food recipe

Personalised to them

Our recipes are personalised to your cat based on their age, weight, body, activity levels and allergies. Plus there's 8 recipes to choose from, so you can be sure to pick their favourites.

Formulated by in-house vets and nutritionists

Our team of world-class vets and nutritionists design every recipe to be the very best for your cat's health.

Mimics cats' ancestral diets

Designed to mimic a cat's ancestral diet, our recipes are tailored to the nutritional requirements of your cat.

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Their favourite flavours, delivered

Their favourite flavours, delivered

Every cat is different. That’s why we offer a number of different gourmet cat food recipes which are specifically tailored to cats that may be allergic to a particular meat protein.

Alas, no more having to carefully study ingredients lists on the back of pouches.

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The difference real meat, fresh cat food makes