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Cat looks in fridge for KatKin fresh cat food
Cat looks in fridge for KatKin fresh cat food

Frozen Cat Food. 100% real meat.

Personalised, vet-formulated cat food from our kitchen to yours. Frozen fresh and delivered to your door.

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Devoured by thousands of healthy cats.

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100% gently-cooked meat. Frozen for freshness.

KatKin cat waits for fresh cat food

Formulated by our in-house vets and nutritionists

Our team of world-class vets and nutritionists design every recipe to be the very best for your cat's health.

100% fresh, premium meat

Cats evolved to eat meat. With 100% gently steamed fresh meat, our meals are highly digestible and soft on sensitive stomachs.

Completely grain-free

That means more meat, higher protein and better nutrition for your cat. Plus many cat parents report fewer upset tummies!

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Why we freeze our cat food

KatKin Fresh Kitten Food

When cat foods have shelf lives of months or years at room temperature, you know it's not the healthiest for your cat.

Conventional cooking of wet and dry food uses extreme processing methods and high heat. At temperatures known to produce carcinogens. All this results in significant vitamins and nutrient loss.

On the other hand, cooking fresh cat food with real meat then freezing it maintains freshness without compromising nutrition.

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Less mess in the litter tray

Main Coon lying on a rug in front of a bag of KatKin's Scoop Health litter and a litter tray in the background

Many KatKin customers report fewer, smaller, firmer and less smelly poops. Why? When food is highly digestible, more of it is absorbed leading to less mess.

Forget preservatives and fillers. KatKin's 100% fresh premium meat is gently steamed then frozen, perfect for sensitive stomachs.

Designed to mimic a cat's ancestral diet, our recipes are naturally nutritious and tailored to the requirements of your cat.

Their favourite flavours, delivered frozen

Their favourite flavours, delivered frozen

Choose from 8 different cat food recipes, all specifically tailored to your cat's nutritional needs.

Alas, no more having to carefully study ingredients lists on the back of pouches.

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The difference real meat, fresh cat food makes