You want the best for cats.

The cat food industry doesn't.

Help the world to say no to low-meat, overbaked, poor-quality cat food. And help cats lead a happier, healthier life with KatKin.

Thousands of happy cats
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Why we need KatKin vet ambassadors

The cat food industry is broken. We need veterinary professionals who can help us spread the word. Here’s what we’re fighting against:

Dubious meat

Cat food ‘meat’ is by-products and derivatives dried extracts from days-old food industry waste, including heads, horns and even feathers.

Low meat content

Cats need meat, but cat food only needs 4% beef to be labelled ‘with beef’ (and even at 40%, it’s still the same dubious quality).

Grains and fillers

Meat is replaced by harder-to-digest grains and fillers, that can cause digestive problems (and smelly poos).

Overbaking for shelf-life

To make it last for years, dry cat food is blasted with heat, destroying nutrients and nutritional value.

"KatKin is a great option for overweight cats. High protein and moisture aids weight loss as do the personalised portions, calculated to make each meal the perfect amount for your cat."

— Dr. Caity Venniker

KatKin Vet Consultant


Why KatKin is best for cats

100% meat

Cats are obligate carnivores. They need nutrients only found in meat. 4% (or even 40%) isn’t enough.

Vet formulated

Recipes carefully developed by a Board-Certified Vet Nutritionist®.

Fresh, premium meat

As well as being 100% meat, that meat is Fresh and premium quality.

Gently steam cooked

High moisture keeps cats hydrated, the way nature intended

Frozen to stay Fresh

Our meals aren’t baked and dried for shelf life: they’re frozen after cooking to stay Fresh and nutritious.

Perfectly balanced and complete

Every meal is 100% nutritionally balanced and complete and free from artificial preservatives and additives.

"Feeding our cats well is the best strategy for preventing chronic diseases."

— Dr. Justin Shmalberg

KatKin Veterinary Nutritionist

Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist®

Tackling cat health problems

Au revoir to allergies

Many of our recipes contain only a single source of protein. Plus, you won’t find any unwanted hidden ingredients hiding behind an ‘animal derivatives’ label. It all means cats with food allergies can find a high-quality, nutritionally complete diet too.

Down with diabetes

Our Fresh meals are high protein, low carb: a ratio that has a direct impact on both glycemic control and remission rates for diabetic cats.

Highly digestible to solve diarrhoea

With our 100% Fresh premium meat and gentle steam-cooking process, all of our recipes are highly digestible. That’s why we regularly see improvement when cats with IBD and chronic diarrhoea switch to KatKin.

"When it comes to medical conditions, KatKin is on hand to help ... From the use of single source proteins that which are ideal for cats with allergies, to their high protein, low carbohydrate composition that has seen diabetic cats needing less insulin, KatKin are here to help."

— Dr Grant Hampson

KatKin In-House Vet


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The team you'll join

Siblings Brett and Nikki O’Farrell wanted to ditch the mystery meats and miscellaneous jellies of mainstream cat food. But to do that, they needed to shake up the whole industry.

That’s why they partnered with Dr Justin Shmalberg; Board-Certified Vet Nutritionist® and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

Together, they created KatKin’s vet-formulated (not just vet-approved) recipes – and now our fast-growing team make them in our KatKin Kitchen, right here in the UK.

"KatKin’s recipes and process are designed specifically for cats with optimal, biologically-appropriate nutrition as the priority."

— Dominique Tarr

KatKin Research & Development Lead

BSc Animal Science, MSc Animal Nutrition

The difference we make

93% of the KatKin Club see a noticeable difference in their cat’s health. But don’t just take it from us:

Mary and Leo

"My cat is 18 and a half and has had IBD. He has had steroids and food recommended by the vet but no change. After KatKin for six weeks,the change was amazing and almost instant."

TrustPilot 5 stars
Mary and Leo
Angie and Amber

"My fat cat, after just over a week, has lower blood glucose. I’ve reduced her insulin and she’s looking 6 again, even at 16. This is a miracle thank you."

TrustPilot 5 stars
Angie and Amber
Laura and Uhtred

"My cat suffers from Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex, but KatKin makes him a different cat: so playful, full of energy. His coat is thick, glossy, and he looks so healthy and happy."

TrustPilot 5 stars
Laura and Uhtred
Thousands of happy cats
3092+ reviews on Trustpilot

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