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KatKin Fresh Kitten Food
KatKin Fresh Kitten Food

Feeding Kittens

Feeding kittens is a fundamental part of caring for your feline. But you may be thinking ‘what do they actually eat at this young life stage?’. Lucky for you we have been through the process ourselves and have all the tips and tricks you may need to ensure your kitten is well nourished.

Weaning a kitten

The process of weaning a kitten involves transitioning from the mothers milk to solid kitten food. As well as being an important development stage for the kitten, it’s vital you do it at the right time and in the right way. To learn more about getting a kitten and the responsibility of caring for them, you can refer to our guides.

For orphaned kittens - The easiest way to know they are ready for solid food is when they start to bite or chew the milk bottle.

For kittens with a mother present - You may start to see the young kittens attempt to eat their mothers food. The mothers natural reaction will be to push them away. It is at this time you may want to start thinking about feeding your kitten solid food.

What do kittens eat?

Many suspect kittens eat milk and only milk which is half true. While cows milk is strictly off limits to your feline, their mothers milk is the key to growth. If your kitten has unfortunately been abandoned by its mother, a kitten milk replacement formula is preferable until they become slightly older and can begin eating solid food.

Once transitioned to solid food, the most important thing when feeding your kitten is to ensure they are receiving all the nutrients they need to become a strong cat. For this reason, when providing kitten food, you will want to find one that is high in protein. After all, cats are obligate carnivores, which means they receive all their nutrients from meat.

How often should I feed my kitten?

Feeding your kitten doesn’t have to be a strict time schedule, but you do need to remember their stomachs are very small at this stage. Because their stomachs are smaller, you may want to consider feeding your kitten about 4 small meals a day. What’s great about KatKin’s kitten pouches is that one pouch lasts all day. Meaning you can divide the pouch into 4 smaller portions that your kitten will enjoy.

Best food for kittens

The best food for kittens is fresh food. As obligate carnivores, kittens and cats need their nutrients from high quality meat and that's exactly what our fresh food provides. For uncompromising cat parents who want the best for their new family member, try KatKin today with our 14 day trial box, now 20% off!

Kitten treats

Treats are something we all like to enjoy and your kitten will be no different. But everything should be in moderation. If you begin feeding your kitten treats or human food too often, it can lead to obesity which can create numerous health problems later down the line. If you stick to a rough estimate of treats being up to 10% of your kitten’s daily calories, then you may be okay. If in doubt whether you’ve gone over this, add some extra playtime in and your kitten will be none the wiser.

Kitten milk

Despite popular belief, Kittens can not drink cows milk as they can struggle to digest the lactose found in milk. When very young, ideally your kitten will be nursing from their mother until they are ready to move to kitten food. If the mother is not around, a kitten milk replacement formula can be used in their replacement. Once the transition to solid food has happened, water should be the only drink your kitten is digesting.

Kitten food subscription

By now you may have fresh kitten food on your mind and rightly so! Fresh is best when it comes to our kittens. Start the process of hardcore love by subscribing to our kitten food. At KatKin, we produce fresh cat and kitten food that uses 100% fresh-cooked premium meat which is vet-formulated to be the best for your kitten's health. But don’t just take our word for it. Switch fearlessly and try fresh food with your kitten today.