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Birman cat on sofa
Birman cat on sofa

Birman Cat Food

Known as the “Sacred Cat of Burma” Birman cats are a truly beautiful breed with a fluffy coat and bewitching blue eyes. These inquisitive cats need a well balanced, nutritious diet to keep them strong and healthy. To fuel them properly for a happy life, Fresh, high protein cat food is the only choice.

Try fresh food for Birman Cats

How much should Birmans eat?

Most Birman cats should eat between 300-450 calories a day to thrive. This is obviously dependent on weight and age. To ensure your Birman is eating the correct amount there is a simple calculation you can do. 

For each pound your cat weighs, multiply it by 30 calories. So if your cat weighs 10 pounds they should eat at least 300 calories a day. 

To avoid overfeeding or underfeeding your Birman there are other factors to consider too, such as how active they are and whether they are an indoor or outdoor cat. Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether your Birman is a healthy weight just by looking at them as they are so fluffy. 

At KatKin we take all of this into consideration and personalise your cat food subscription to perfectly suit your cat. Just tell us your Birman's details and we will do the rest. 

Benefits of Fresh Cat Food For Birman Cats

We truly believe Fresh cat food has the best nutritional benefits for your Birman. And we aren’t just saying that because we sell it. Like all other domestic cat breeds, Birmans are obligate carnivores. This means they need to have a high content of meat in their diet to thrive.

Ideally, Birmans should have a high protein diet which is low in carbohydrates, with 20-30% composed of good fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Made with 100% human-quality real meat, KatKin provides all the nutrients they need.

Feed your Birman our high protein, fresh cat food to provide them with optimal nutrition. They’ll purr louder, zoomie faster and live longer. What better thanks could you ask for.

Thousands of Birman Cats are thriving on Fresh food

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