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The Science Behind Fresh Cat Food

The Science Behind Fresh Cat Food
by KatKin Team

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Our world-leading Board-Certified Vet Nutritionist® formulated formulated our fresh recipes to make sure your cat gets everything they need to be happy and healthy. But want to know more about the nutritional science behind fresh food?

More energy and playfulness

Because cats are carnivores, protein is a much more efficient source of energy for them than carbohydrates. KatKin is 100% real meat, whereas most cat foods are less than 40% meat, and bulked out with carbs. That means your cat will be able to convert KatKin into playful, hunting, fun loving fuel far easier than with your average cat food.

Healthier Gut

If you’ve ever seen a yogurt commercial, you might know that certain healthy gut bacterias are essential for good digestion. Because of the way most wet and dry cat foods are processed (i.e. at an extremely high heat), these diets contain very few healthy bacterias. Meanwhile, fresh cat food is cooked at temperatures that kill harmful bacteria and allow the healthy stuff to live on! Since gut health is critical to nutrient absorption, and the overall immune system, fresh diets not only benefit your cat’s digestion, but can bolster their immune health as well.

Shinier, thicker coats and less hairballs

KatKin parents often remark on how their cat’s coats turn lustrous - this is down to the naturally occurring high fat content in a high meat diet, which promotes coat growth and health.

Better digestion and less mess in the box

KatKin is high moisture and high protein. These elements in a cat’s diet aid digestibility, and if your cat is able to absorb more moisture and more protein from their food, that means less food is excreted as waste.

Long term weight management

KatKin is personalised to suit your cat’s every need, based on their age, breed, and activity level. This means that your cat can’t overeat, which is a common problem with supermarket cat foods.

No nasties, only real, good food

Since they are kept frozen or refrigerated, fresh diets aren’t pumped full of preservatives and other nasties that allow kibble and canned foods to live on the shelf for years, next to the bleach. We also don’t use aesthetic chemicals, like emulsifiers, to make KatKin look uniform - that’s why you can see the good, rich fat in some of our recipes, like Beef or Lamb.

Want to read more about the benefits of fresh?

We’re rated ‘Excellent’ on TrustPilot - and often that is down to the transformational impact KatKin has had on cats all over the UK. Click below to read through what other cat parents are saying about the benefits of fresh food.

Read our TrustPilot reviews, and discover why this vet rates us so highly.

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