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How To Exercise Your Indoor Cat

How To Exercise Your Indoor Cat
by Dr Grant Hampson

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Lots of our cats live indoors for many different reasons. Maybe they live in a big city, maybe they're into being cosy at all times, or maybe they just hate the sound of birds. But, just because they live inside doesn’t mean they won’t have lots of energy. It is important to exercise cats that live indoors to stop them getting chubby and to keep their bodies nice and healthy.


Cats really enjoy a bit of play time, and it's a great chance for you to bond with them! Cats have instinctual hunting behaviour, resulting in them preferring short bursts rather than long periods of play, which may explain why it seems like the loose interest quickly. It's not the case, you've just done such a great job playing that they're ready to catch up on some zzzs. A top tip from us, don't just play in one spot, get them to run around and burn those calories.

There are lots and lots of toys available from lots of different places.

Dangler pole toys:

These are fantastic toys to get your cat playing chase! Don’t just get them to chase, allow them to catch the feather or ball on the end, otherwise they may be left unsatisfied and get bored.


Some cats will play with balls if you just leave them around the house. We'd encourage you to throw a ball for a cat as much as you would a dog, they will love chasing the ball around the house (check out one of our KatKin Club members, Zena, who has learnt to catch).

Catnip Toys:

Nothing will get your cat playing with a toy more than those filled with catnip. Catnip is an excellent stimulant for cats to encourage play and sometimes relax them. The key is not letting them overindulge, cats are unlikely to overdose on catnip, but if they eat too much it can make them feel a bit sick.


Tunnels provide a fun new experience for your cat to explore, and even play hide and seek! Plus makes for very funny videos to send your friends.

Interactive Toys:

There are lots of interactive toys available for cats that get them playing in many different ways. These cleverly designed interactive toys encourage play and provide mental stimulation.

Controlled access to the outdoors:


Cat meet patio. A catio provides your cat with the experience of being outdoors whilst remaining protected. Catios can provide a source of enrichment through the sights and sounds of nature. It's an outdoor enclosure to give your cat the fresh air and bird song, with none of the danger of them wandering off or brawling with next door's Tomcat.

Black and white cat stretching on a ledge of its catio


Some people like to use cat harnesses to take their cats on short walks, if they don’t have access to the outdoors. Walking a cat is certainly not the same as walking a dog and a harness does not suit every cat.

Cat Trees and Scratching posts:

Cats love climbing and being high up, cat trees provide the perfect place for cats to climb up and down and stimulates play time. These fun trees come in different shapes and sizes, many come with scratching posts attached, which also stimulate natural behaviours.

Boxes and hideaways:

Being natural explorers your cat will appreciate lots of hiding spaces and places to explore. This can be easily achieved with something as simple as a cardboard box. Take your KatKin box and turn it into an adventure castle that your cat will enjoy!

Puzzle Balls:

Fill these fun accessories with your cat's favourite treat and your cat will roll them around, proving great mental stimulation for them.

Comment with any ways your exercise your indoor cat that we may have missed!

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