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Catlike Yoga Poses

Catlike Yoga Poses
by KatKin Team

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We spend a lot of our time trying to teach our cats things ("here is where to find your litter tray", "this is how you high-five", "I'm not going to tell you again that one dead mouse a week is more than enough!"), but there's a lot that our cats can teach us as well.

Take movements, for example; next time, watch how your cat stretches its body, especially after waking from a long nap. Stretching is so important for your body, and it's guaranteed that you'll feel good after you do it – after all, if you take care of yourself and listen to your body, the feel-good factor is sure to follow suit.

As it's International Yoga Day, we teamed up with Tam from Pilates in Motion, a South African based pilates studio, and she's taking some inspiration from our feline friends to create a little yoga workout for you!

Cat on a mat (Child's pose)

Naturally stretching your entire body.

Everyone’s favourite, stretching your spine and relaxing your whole body.

Kneel, sitting back on the back of your legs with your arms extended in front of you, your forehead on the mat.

Deep inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Illustration of a cat lying on a yoga mat with the caption "Cat on a Mat"

Downward cat (Downward dog)

Start on all fours, hands underneath your shoulders, and toes curled up.

On your exhale push your hips up and back straightening your legs.

Extend your arms while keeping in mind to keep your shoulders away from your ears. Engage your abdominals and legs.

Illustration of a cat stretching on a yoga mat with the caption "Downward Cat"

Extended kitten (puppy)

This pose stretches the spine, shoulders, upper back, arm and abdominal muscle.

Roll down and come onto all fours.

Exhale and move your gluteus halfway back toward your heels, you are going to lower your forehead on to the mat and relax your neck.

Illustration of a cat stretching on a yoga mat with the caption "Extended Kitten"

Cat walk

Helping to improve your posture and feel confident, like a cat.

Taking inspiration from cats where each step is equally distributed and movements are low and with purpose.

The difference with us is; each step must be heel down first and then toe.

Stretching and inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth will make you feel better for the start of a new day, a better day than the one before.

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