Join the KatKin shelter scheme

Whether you run a cat shelter or want to recommend one, take part in the KatKin shelter scheme. It means more funding for local shelters. More cat parents discovering KatKin. And more cats living long, happy lives on our 100% fresh-cooked meat food.

Thousands of happy cats
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How it works

  1. You let us know about a shelter you love or one you work for

  2. We give the shelter their own unique KatKin discount code

  3. The shelter recommends our fresh-cooked food to new cat parents and shares the discount code

  4. For every new parent that uses the code, we donate £20 to the shelter

Why recommend KatKin?

It's what cats need.

Cats are 100% carnivores, so we give them 100% fresh-cooked meat. It’s all the nutritional power of their natural diet, but without the salmonella risk of raw meat.

We never compromise.

Our eight recipes are 100% human-grade meat, gently steamed and frozen to stay fresh. No cheap meat derivatives. No hard-to-digest grains. No overcooking for shelf life.

A difference you can see.

We’re vet-formulated for cats, and the health benefits are huge. Better digestion. More energy. No-smell poops. Softer coats. It’s all part of the KatKin glow-up.

I work at a shelter – what do I do next?

Apply to join the programme

Fill in a few details about your shelter and why you want to join our shelter scheme.

Let's get in touch

We'll call or email to find out more about your shelter and how we can help.

Your leaflets will wing their way to you

Each leaflet will have a discount code that's unique to your shelter

Share leaflets and get funding

For every new cat parent who uses your code to try KatKin, we'll give your shelter £20.

I want to nominate a shelter

Know a cat shelter doing excellent work in your area? Tell us about them and we’ll get in touch to give them our support.

Healthy cats. Happy cat people. Handy deliveries. Wholesome bowls.