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Cat stepping out of litter tray next to a bag of KatKin Scoop Planet
Cat stepping out of litter tray next to a bag of KatKin Scoop Planet

Meet The Litter that saves the planet

Cat litter doesn't have to be unsustainable...

Meet Scoop Planet. 100% biodegradable and made from food industry waste. So it's great for the planet and great for your cat.

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The litter that goes all in for the planet.

Clay litter is strip-mined which causes pollution, loss of habitats and erosion of natural landscapes. Scoop Planet saves the environment by using natural waste from plants.

  • Plant-based


  • 100% biodegradable

    100% biodegradable

  • Odour-eliminating


  • Fast-clumping


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  • 1. no tracking

    1. no tracking

    Lightweight and dust-free pieces that won’t spread around your house.

  • 2. no nasty smells

    2. no nasty smells

    Highly absorbent all-natural ingredients mean you can say goodbye to odours.

  • 3. easy scooping

    3. easy scooping

    Pea and millet specially formulated to clump instantly for simple scooping.

  • 4. long-lasting

    4. long-lasting

    Quick clumping means litter left behind stays fresh for longer.

Don't just take our word for it

How a scoop plan works

Set up a subscription as flexible as your cat.

  1. 1. Create a plan

    1. Create a plan

    The more bags you buy, the more you save.

  2. 2. Fuss free delivery

    2. Fuss free delivery

    Sent straight to your door. No more lugging heavy bags home.

  3. 3. You're in control

    3. You're in control

    Bring deliveries forward, delay or cancel anytime.

Upgrade my litter
Product shot of a bag of KatKin's Scoop Planet cat litter. Plant-based, odour-eliminating, 100% biodegradable, fast-clumping.

Ready to save the planet?

Create a plan and get Scoop Health delivered straight to your door.

Choose how many bags and how often – your plan, your way.

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Want to know more?

Want to know more?

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