Our incredible journey.

Cats have always been family.

It all started with a childhood cat named after the iconic cat-with-attitude from Homeward Bound.

Sassie, and the ragtag bunch that followed, taught siblings Brett and Nikki some of life's most important lessons.

How to stay curious and playful. Unconditional love and responsibility. And that a good snuggle can fix anything.

These days, their lives are brightened by their cats Molly, Kiki and Columbus. But just a few years ago, they learned how badly their health was being neglected by mainstream cat food.

So they decided to shake up the industry and put cats and their people first.

Nutritious meals for all cats.

No small feat.

They wanted to team up with someone exceptional. Someone who understood exactly what they were striving for. So they got on a flight to Gainesville, Florida.

Dr. Justin Shmalberg is a world-leading Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist®. From Gainesville, he directs the largest academic integrative veterinary medicine program in the United States.

Dr. Justin formulates every KatKin meal to ensure every meal is made with the fresh, whole ingredients that our cats need to thrive. Dr. Justin is one of the biggest advocates for Fresh meals, which is exactly how he feeds his own three cats!

Wave goodbye to cat food.

This is KatKin.

To create the food cats deserved Brett and Nikki realised they’d have to make it themselves. Having their very own KatKin Kitchen based in London makes sure that every meal is handmade, packed and delivered to the highest standards.

They might not spend their free time watching Homeward Bound on loop anymore, but they’ve made it their mission to share their love of cats with the world – and give every single one their best nine lives, without compromise.

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Healthy cats. Happy cat people. Handy deliveries. Wholesome bowls.