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Feed Fresh for less than your daily cup of coffee.

Choose 100% Fresh meat meals, delivered - from only £1.89 per day.

That’s the highest meat content for the best price there is. Others don’t come close.

Lily's Kitchen
Lily's Kitchen
Purina Gourmet
Purina Gourmet
100% Human-quality meats
Gently cooked for digestion
So fresh it's frozen
Free from preservatives
Free from sterilisation
Cooked in own kitchen
Perfectly portioned
From less than £2 a day

Tailored pricing
Portions personalised to your cat

Every cat is different. So we personalise each plan to the unique requirements of your cat. Our sample prices below will give you a guide based on age, weight and activity level.

  • Helping Nero maintain a healthy weight - £1.89/day (£53/month)

    Helping Nero maintain a healthy weight - £1.89/day (£53/month)

    Just six months ago Nero was carrying a bit of extra padding. His KatKin plan has helped him shed that extra weight and brought back his bounce.

  • Fuelling Indigo’s outdoor exploring - £2.12/day (£59.50/month)

    Fuelling Indigo’s outdoor exploring - £2.12/day (£59.50/month)

    Indigo’s outdoor adventures mean she’s burning some serious calories. Her plan has everything she needs to keep her active throughout the day.

  • Supporting Teddy from kitten to cat - £2.28/day (£64/month)

    Supporting Teddy from kitten to cat - £2.28/day (£64/month)

    Teddy is a growing kitten and needs food rich in nutrients and high in calories. As he grows into an adult cat his pouch size and plan price will decrease.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

The difference real meat, fresh cat food makes

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