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Shot from above of KatKin fresh food's trays with a ginger kitten walking over them
Shot from above of KatKin fresh food's trays with a ginger kitten walking over them


You’re the newest member of the KatKin Club, and you’ve made the best choice for your cat. With our 100% freshly-cooked meat recipes, you’re giving them the meals they were born to eat, and that means a healthier, happier life. Better digestion, less smelly poops, a softer coat, more energy – it all comes with feeding KatKin.  

All that’s left to do now is get your cat started on their new food. So, how do we make it happen?

The golden rule

This is a biggie and we can’t emphasise it enough: remove all other food and treats when you start feeding KatKin. Give them Cluck! and nothing else. 

Why? Because commercial cat food – be it wet, dry, or treats – is full of flavour enhancers, tempting your cat to fill up on processed food. It’s like giving a child the choice between a fresh-pressed orange juice and a double chocolate milkshake – they’ll pick based on temptation, not based on what’s best for them.  

The first 24 hours

  1. Start with Cluck!. If your cat can’t have chicken, choose a recipe close to their old food.

  2. Snap the tray in half and you’ve got two perfect servings – one for breakfast (labelled Morning) and one for dinner (labelled Evening). Each Morning+Evening set is their total daily calories, so you know you’re feeding them just right.

  3. Add a generous shake of KatKin Sprinkles. Our 100% freeze-dried meat food topper makes every meal mouth-watering.

  4. Don’t feed anything else – no food, no treats. If your cat fills up on other things, they won’t try something new. And don’t worry: cats are built to adapt when prey is scarce, so there’s no cause for concern if they decide to skip a meal while they get used to a new food. If they don’t eat at first, don’t rush to give them something else.

  5. Don’t let your cat train you. Your cat might meow for more, but they don’t actually need it. Each Morning+Evening set of KatKin is their whole day’s calories, so don’t be tempted to put down other food or more than one Morning+Evening set of KatKin in a day. 

What happens next

If your cat eats KatKin on day 1

Brilliant! They’re on their way to a healthier life.

Here’s what to do next:

  1. Stick to Cluck! for 3-4 days, then introduce another recipe, stick to that one for 2-3 days, and repeat with each new flavour

  2. Put away their other processed food for good: you only need to feed them KatKin’s fresh-cooked meals from now on.

  3. Don’t worry about runnier-than-usual poops or a little vomiting – their digestive system is adjusting and it’s totally normal in the first few days, and should subside quickly.

If your cat doesn’t eat yet

No problem – they’ll come around soon! Cats are instinctively cautious of new food, and some can take longer to come round. Your cat needs more time to adapt to the change, so here’s what to do:

  • After 24 hours of only Cluck!, reintroduce half the amount of their old food, and put down half a tray of Cluck! with it with Sprinkles. Do that at every meal time.

  • If they still aren’t eating Cluck! after three days, try another recipe alongside their old food, again trying it for at least three days with plenty of Sprinkles. After Cluck!, we recommend Gobble!, Quack! and Mooo!.

  • Play with your cat before meals to trigger their hunting instincts.

  • If your cat’s bowl is in a corner, try finding an open, airy, but protected space – under a table often works well. Remember not to watch them while they eat: act naturally.

  • Don’t give up: if your cat sniffs and walks away, that doesn’t mean they don’t like it. They’re getting to know it – how it looks and smells – and they’ll get more comfortable with the idea of tasting it every time, so be persistent.

  • Once they start eating KatKin, you can start to reduce the amount of their old food in the bowl, until they’re eating only KatKin.

Tried all our tips and your cat still won’t eat?

Get in touch with our team of in-house vets, vet nurses, nutritionists and cat lovers, and we’ll help you come up with a plan to switch your cat to KatKin. On a fresh-cooked 100% meat diet, you’ll soon see them thrive – with better digestion, a softer coat, more energy and playfulness, and an all-round healthier, happier life. Call us on 020 4538 4144 Or email

It took a while to change my very fussy cat onto KatKin from her usual pouches. I'm glad I stuck with it though. She has more energy and is losing weight (which she desperately needed to). And her litter tray never smells, which is a bonus!

Amanda and Maggie

I'm really pleased we stuck with the advice on switching to KatKin: a few weeks on and our cats are looking forward to every meal. We can see improvement in all three of their coats already.

Rachel, Juno, Lola & Rizzo

KatKin’s tips are the key to success and I do believe you can bring even the fussiest of cats around. Now that he’s switched to KatKin, his stools are firm, his eyes are bright, and he has so much more energy. I do believe that KatKin has literally been a life saver

Beth & George