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Bengal cat eating a bowl of KatKin. Woman about to sprinkle KatKin Sprinkles on top of the meat..
Bengal cat eating a bowl of KatKin. Woman about to sprinkle KatKin Sprinkles on top of the meat..

Homemade cat food, without the hassle.

100% real meat fresh food for a happier, healthier cat. Made in our UK kitchen and delivered to your door.

Choose fresh-cooked cat food

Devoured by thousands of healthy cats.

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Made with the highest quality ingredients

KatKin cat waits for fresh cat food

100% fresh, human-grade meat

Just like you'd buy for for yourself at the butchers or supermarket. Only the best for our cats.

No grains, cereals or fillers

Our recipes are simple. They're real meat... and nothing else. You'll never find any grains, cereals, fillers or preservatives in there, so you know it's great for your cat's health.

Personalised to your cat

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for cat nutrition. Our recipes are personalised to your cat based on their age, weight, body, activity levels and allergies. Plus there's 8 recipes to choose from, so you can be sure to pick their favourites.

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Gently steamed, made by hand.

KatKin Fresh Kitten Food

Most cat foods are highly processed and blasted at high temperatures to give them long shelf life.

Dry cat foods are made through a very unnatural process called extrusion - under high heat and intense pressures - which may damage the nutritional integrity of the end product.

Unlike most cat foods, KatKin is gently steam-cooked in the pouch to lock-in the juices and nutrients. Then we freeze it to keep it fresh for your cat so there's no artificial additives or preservatives.

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More nutritious than homemade cat food


To thrive, cats need certain essential nutrients like taurine. Taurine plays a vital role in vision, heart function, reproduction and helps to maintain a healthy immune system.

Not having enough taurine can lead to serious side effects such as heart disease, blindness and reproductive issues.

KatKin recipes are formulated by our in-house team of vets and animal nutritionists to be balanced and complete, so you know they're as healthy as possible for your cat.

4 ways our personalised, homemade cat food can help your cat

Transformational health benefits reported by 93% of KatKin customers

  • Better digestion, less
stink in the litter box

    Better digestion, less stink in the litter box

    No grains your cat struggles to digest = no smell, no mess, no fuss and firmer stools too.

  • More energy and

    More energy and playfulness

    Meat is a cat’s best source of energy. They'll play more and zoomie harder.

  • Shinier, thicker coat
and less hairballs

    Shinier, thicker coat and less hairballs

    Less shed, more shine thanks to good fats and nutrients Healthy inside and out.

  • Easy-to-maintain
healthy weight

    Easy-to-maintain healthy weight

    Personalised calories help cats maintain their perfect weight. No fuss.

Our simple recipe for healthy cat food

A bowl of KatKin next to a food tray of Cluck and a plate of cooked chicken

Made by hand in our UK kitchen, and delivered to your door

1. We source fresh, premium quality meat every day

2. Mince it finely

3. Mix in all the right nutrients for your cat's health

4. We carefully measure your cats personalised daily calorie portions

5. Steam-cook it to kill bacteria and retain juices

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The difference real meat, fresh cat food makes