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Bengal cat playing with mouse toy
Bengal cat playing with mouse toy

Bengal Kitten Food

Bengal kittens are very sweet and loving. These sociable and inquisitive kittens love to be included in anything so a nutritious diet is vital to help their fast growing bodies. Fresh, high protein kitten food is the best choice to give these distinct domestic cats a healthy start to life.

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How much should Bengal kittens eat?

Bengal cats finish kittenhood at one year old, however they don’t stop growing in terms of height and length until around 18 - 24 months old. We recommend feeding Bengal kitten food for the first year of their lives to help support their development and growth.

Feeding a Growing Bengal Kitten

Shot from above of a Seal Point Lynx Bengal inside a castle made of KAtKin boxes

During the first year of your Bengal kitten's life, you should be feeding them a fully balanced diet, which can consist of between three to four meals a day. Once they have turned one years old, they are no longer classed as a kitten and mealtimes may reduce to twice a day. Luckily, Katkin kitten pouches contain all the necessary nutrients your Bengal needs to thrive in this first year.

  • High Levels of Protein - To ensure they grow at the correct rate. Being a descendant of wild Asian leopards, Bengal kittens need a high quantity of meat as would be found in nature.

  • Carbohydrates - A small amount of carbs is needed for growth.

  • Fats and Fatty Acids - Small amounts of taurine and arginine will help your kitten grow and keep a shiny coat.

  • Vitamins - A variety of vitamins are needed to ensure kittens will grow to their full potential.

KatKin carefully balances all these nutritional needs in our vet formulated kitten food recipes. What’s more, we will specially tailor your kitten food subscription to your new Bengal kitten to make sure they are getting the fuel they need to thrive.

Benefits of Fresh Kitten Food For Bengals

Bengal cat in living room

Start kittenhood strong by feeding them fresh kitten food. At KatKin we demand the best for our furry felines, which is why we only feed them fresh, and continue to do so all through adulthood. We will never compromise on putting cat health above all else. That is why our fresh cat food guarantees the best nutritional benefits for your Bengal kittens. 

Like all other domestic cat breeds, Bengals are obligate carnivores meaning they need to have a high content of meat in their diet. That is what KatKin supplies. No fluff. No fillers. Just premium, fresh meat in recipes that have been approved by our in-house vets. Give your Bengal kitten the quality food they deserve.

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