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Your vet stories, revealed

Your vet stories, revealed
by Lucinda Beeman

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We go all-in for cat health. And according to our vet survey, so do vets. Because when we asked cat parents to share their stories anonymously – in the midst of an investigation into the sector by the Competition and Markets authority – they had heartwarming stories to share. 

And while not every one of these stories has a happy ending, they’re proof that cat parents and vets have cats’ backs. 

There from the start

“When Midnight was still a young kitten, he suddenly went very poorly – lethargic, hiding, being sick, not eating, passing watery and runny poop. I’m lucky enough to have a neighbour who’s a vet, so I texted and asked for advice. 

She came straight over and examined Midnight – who, bless him, just allowed it as he was so poorly. The vet was able to treat Midnight there and then, and arranged to take him to the surgery first thing the next day. 

He was well on the mend when he came home and has been very healthy since. The vet did say she was pleased, as it could have gone the other way. I feel very lucky!” 

In sudden emergencies

“I noticed my cat getting wobbly and then she just laid on her side, meowing. I rang the vets, who asked to see the inside of her mouth, and was told to get to a vet immediately. I had to get a friend to drive me, as I was too upset. 

She was with the vet a couple of hours when they told me she had pancytopenia, and that she could end up in the hospital overnight. But the vet was brilliant, and although it took almost nine hours, I got her back happy. They saved her life – that’s all that mattered to me.”

Over a lifetime

“Bobby has a life-limiting disease – myelodysplastic syndrome – which he’s medicated for using steroids and now ciclosporin to suppress his immune system. He has regular blood tests to monitor his condition. 

Our vet has supported us through every step, including when Bobby’s blood results were so bad we thought he’d not pull through. They’ve been amazing with us – and Bobby is still here and stable. He’ll be 5 in May – once we were told he wouldn’t see his 2nd birthday!” 

And right to the end

“One evening, Terrance wasn’t himself. We took him to a new vet as we had just moved. 

Initial examinations suggested he was fine but, even though they didn’t know him or me, they trusted me when I said that he was acting very unusually, and kept him in for investigation. 

It turned out he had a tumour on his adrenal gland, and ended up at a specialist hospital to stabilise him before an operation to remove it. He lived another 9 years – to the ripe old age of 18.5 – and remained a favourite with the staff at the practice. They still talk of him now.”

Are you a vet or a vet nurse? Tell us about your experiences in practice

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Cat names have been changed to protect the anonymity of respondents. 

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