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When Do Kittens Calm Down?

 When Do Kittens Calm Down?
by KatKin Team

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Kittens are known for being full of beans. And it’s probably during one of their hyper zoomie sessions, climbing your curtains and knocking everything over, that you’re wondering when they’ll calm down. You’ll be pleased to know that it won’t be long before the hyperactivity slows. But you’ll probably miss it when it does.

At what age do kittens calm down?

Cats spend a lot of their time sleeping. So it’s no wonder that when your kitten is awake, they have loads of energy. But their energy levels will change as they get older.

2 weeks-3 months

This is kind of their ‘terrible twos’ phase. They have the feistiness of a toddler but with added claws. Which are great for climbing your trouser legs. They’ve worked out their coordination. And are ready to get moving. Expect zoomies and plenty of scratching. This is a normal, instinctual behaviour. 

Once they reach 12 weeks, they should have had all their vaccines. This is around the time when kittens can go outside. And burn off some of that extra energy.

4-9 months

Time for the angsty teenage phase. Your kitten will start to sleep more during the day. But will probably be more active and have more energy in the early morning and evening. It's their hunting instinct kicking in – this is when they would normally hunt. Play with them before bed to tire them out. 

10-14 months

Your cat is officially considered an adult when they reach a year old. They’ll still have bursts of playful energy. But will mostly be more docile. And you can look forward to a more restful night’s sleep. 

Do kittens calm down with age?

Yes. You’ll find that, as your cat gets older, they’ll chill out a lot more. And spend more time snoozing in their favourite spots rather than pouncing on your feet under your desk.

How do you calm down a hyper kitten?

As fun as they can be, hyper kittens aren’t always appreciated. When you’re focusing on work or need to get something done, having a bouncy kitten under your feet can be frustrating. So knowing how to calm them down is important. 

Play with your cat

Playing with your cat will help to burn off that extra energy. Make sure they have plenty to play with independently. Like balls and kicker toys. But also make sure you play with them using wand toys and things to chase. This’ll tire them out and help build your bond together.

Consider getting a second cat

The best way to wear out your kitten is to get them a sibling. They’ll rough house with each other to burn off energy. And save your slippers from the onslaught.

Just keep in mind that double the kittens means double the food. More litter trays. And extra vet bills. But it comes with double the hardcore  love.

Create a routine

Cats are creatures of habit. And they like having a set routine to follow. This helps to keep their anxiety at bay. And means they know when they should sleep. And when they can play. Your cat will generally be most active at dawn and dusk. So although breaking out the toys at the crack of dawn isn’t a great idea (unless you’re a morning person), playing with them at dusk can burn off some energy. 

Use calming treats or plug-ins

If your kitten’s hyperactivity is a problem, you can opt to use calming plug-ins or treats designed to chill them out. But it’s not recommended to use them full time. Only occasionally. 

Reasons for cat hyperactivity beyond age

Adult cats will sometimes still get a good case of the zoomies. Many will zoom around after using the litter tray. Or catnip might make them feel super playful. And sometimes they’ll start doing it if they’re bored. A zooming cat isn’t anything to worry about. Unless they do it all the time. Or for longer than 15 to 20-minute bursts. 

Just as with anything else, if you’re worried about their behaviour, or if it’s a new development, take them to the vet. Better safe than sorry. 

For all that running around and playing, your kitten will need lots of energy. KatKin fresh cat food is made with 100% human-quality meat. Easily digestible. Delicious. And gives them the energy to play all day.

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