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What do I get a cat lover for Christmas?

What do I get a cat lover for Christmas?
by Morven Hamilton

Read time: 2 min

Just realised it’s December and haven’t got a present yet for the hardcore cat parent in your life? Whether buying a gift or making it yourself, use our Christmas gift guide to help you on your way to a hardcore holiday.

Make their cat the star

Whether it’s clothes, art or even dinner plates, there are all kinds of ways to immortalise our overlords. Just narrow down the best of the infinite cat pictures on your phone, and the world is your oyster. Here are just a few of our favourites:

  • Wool Cat - for felt wool masterpieces of their cat

  • Astrid Brisson - for renaissance portraits that capture every cat’s regal side

Make it personal

Looking for something more subtle? Personalise something with just their cat’s name – or even their own name on something feline. Some top tips from us:

Make it useful everyday

Socks, umbrellas or a tasty snack; the everyday presents are our personal favourites. (And less likely to go to waste.) Here are a few ways to bring some cat joy to everyday:

Make it yourself

Want to give a personal touch whilst cutting back on spending? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Get something for the cat

The fastest way to a hardcore cat parent’s heart? Through their cat. Appease the cat, delight the cat parent. And for that, why not try:

Still looking for inspiration? Head to the KatKin Club House on Facebook – home of the hardcore cat parents and top-notch gift-givers

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