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What cat parents have to say

What cat parents have to say
by Lucinda Beeman

Read time: 3 min

93% of cat parents report amazing health benefits when they switch to fresh. But don’t just take our word for it.

Because cat parents can speak for themselves. And they have some stories to tell. So get your claws into these tales of transformation. 

Samantha + Hendrix

Before KatKin? Hendrix was a medical mystery. His digestion issues were only getting worse. But vets couldn’t work out what was wrong. Until his cat parent, Samantha, took a closer look at what he was eating and made the switch to fresh.

Laura + Humphry

Humphry struggled with low moods and lethargy. Until his cat parent, Laura, switched to KatKin’s fresh food recipes. And now? Humphrey is purring louder, zoomie-ing faster and licking his bowl clean. Every single time.

Rachel + Dolly

Dry spots. Patchy fur. Excessive shedding. Before KatKin, Dolly suffered from all sorts of skin issues. Then Rachel made the switch to fresh — and Dolly’s life and health transformed.

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