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University of Essex declares Campus Cat Day

University of Essex declares Campus Cat Day
by Lucinda Beeman

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Should you find yourself on the University of Essex’s Colchester campus on the 5th of March? You should count yourself lucky. Because you’ll be bang in the middle of Campus Cat Day celebrations.

The university declared the day in honour of Pebbles, a 16-year-old cat who traded the mean streets of Colchester for the campus library. Where he’s been comfortably snoozing (and sitting on laptop keyboards) for 13 years now.

Pebbles was identified as a local cat when he first appeared on campus. And was even returned to his owner. But the campus cat life called to him – and within days he was back. Never to leave again.

University of Essex Campus Cat

In addition to Campus Cat Day, Pebbles will be immortalised in a bronze statue by sculptor Gill Parker.

Craig Stephens, CEO of the Student Union, says, “He’s well-loved and it’s right that we’re having a campus cat appreciation day for him. Pebbles has brought a lot of joy to people’s lives, and a lot of students have taken comfort with having him here.”

The statue was created with funds raised from the sale of campus cat merchandise. Because Pebbles? He’s not just a campus cat. He’s an influencer, too. Check out his Insta profile here.

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