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The Preventative Approach

The Preventative Approach
by KatKin Team

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" Feeding our pets well is the best strategy for preventing chronic diseases " - Dr. Grant Hampson

In the veterinary world, nutrition has always been a key part of managing health issues. The first steps after diagnosis are often prescribing the ‘right diet’, loaded with x, y and z nutrients to help slow progression, or reduce symptoms. This balance between medical treatment and well formulated nutrition has helped countless animals... but it got us thinking about a preventative approach – how proper attention to nutrition and wellness in our pets before illnesses develop might help prevent them down the line.

After decades of research in integrative medicine, our expert team of vet nutritionists, animal nutritionists and vets firmly believe the best medicine for our cats is preventative medicine — grounded in nutrition, wellness, and a natural approach. And the best way to provide that is with fresh food. As vets, our team have seen the benefits of these diets first hand, and now, by working with KatKin to develop all natural, fresh subscription diets, this preventative approach is changing cat lives everywhere.

At KatKin, we believe giving pets what they need shouldn’t be purely medical, and proper nutrition shouldn’t be a last resort. Together, we’re helping cats across the UK to jump higher, zoomie faster, purr louder and live longer.

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