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Oxfordshire Cat missing For Two Years Returns Home

Oxfordshire Cat missing For Two Years Returns Home
by KatKin Team

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Nev went missing in May 2022. But cat parent Sian desperately hoped he’d find his way home.

missing cat named Nev

Credit: Sian Williams

When Sian Williams’ cat Nev went missing two years ago, she was devastated. The then three-year-old Nev usually stuck close to his home in the small village of Begbroke, Oxfordshire. So his disappearance came out of the blue. But Sian didn’t let go of the “hope that he would return”.

And this May, Sian made a surprising discovery — right outside her front door. 

Recalling the evening Nev came back home, Sian says: “I opened the door to put something in the bin, and I saw this figure lying on the floor… it was a cat.” 

But Sian quickly realised that he wasn’t just any cat. “His behaviour seemed familiar,” she recollects. Taking a chance, she called out. And Nev immediately responded.

“He came running to me and meowing. So I opened my arms and gave him a big hug. He knew who I was.”

Nev is settling back in well and already acting “like he never left”. But Sian plans to take him for check-ups at the vet, too. Because while he seems healthy overall, Nev is also “a little scruffy” and has some scabs, scratches and patchy fur. 

From everyone here at KatKin: welcome home, Nev.

Want to read more? Hardcore cat parent Diane was reunited with her much-loved cat thanks to its microchip. After he’d been missing for over three and a half years. Find her full story in the KatKin Club House on Facebook. And remember: it’s now a legal requirement in England to microchip cat(s) once they’re 20 weeks old. Or face a fine of £500. This will help even more lost cats return to their cat parents. (And discourage cat abandonment, too.) Costs vary between £10 and 30. 

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