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Meet Georgia, Charlie + Charlie

Meet Georgia, Charlie + Charlie
by Lucinda Beeman

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When Charlie and Georgia met and fell in love, it was across a great divide – because Georgia was living at home with five cats. And Charlie was a dog person. 

But there was another Charlie in Georgia’s life: Charlie the cat. And he won human Charlie over completely. 

Charlie says, “He’s so caring and so loving and so gentle with people. He’s my little buddy.  Every time I stayed over he would lay on top of me. And when we got our own house five years ago, he came to live with us.”

Charlie, Charlie and Georgia were a happy family of three. Until Georgia came home one night to find Charlie the cat in extreme distress.

As Charlie explains, “Georgia got home one night and he was screaming. He would not stop screaming. So we took him to the hospital.” 

Urinary crystals had blocked Charlie’s urinary tract. And left him in excruciating pain – and very close to death. 

“The vet said that we were very, very close,” Charlie says. “From that point Georgia knew that we needed to introduce more moisture to his diet.” 

Charlie had always been a kibble cat. And a fussy one at that. Eventually he transitioned to wet food. But his cat parents knew it wasn’t good enough. 

Because Charlie was still in and out of the vet’s office. And the urgency was building. 

As Charlie explains, “We still knew that the wet food you can buy in shops is full of stuff cats just shouldn’t eat. It’s like giving them a McDonalds every day – and as much as that might be nice to eat, it wasn’t good for him.” 

Charlie and Georgia found themselves trapped in a cycle of tracking Charlie’s every wee and poo. Just waiting for a sign that something had gone wrong once again.

Charlie says, “It was very stressful for us both. And that was the moment we found KatKin.” 

Charlie had always been a fussy cat. But he devoured KatKin’s fresh recipes right away. And his urinary issues just disappeared.

Safe in the knowledge that their cat was getting the moisture he needed, human Charlie and Georgia could relax. And watch Charlie the cat become happier and healthier than ever.

“Ever since we switched, his coat shines and he’s so calm,” laughs Charlie. “And his weeing and pooing is perfect now – you couldn’t ask for better wee or poo.”  

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