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Look who’s joined the fight for fresh

Look who’s joined the fight for fresh
by Lucinda Beeman

Read time: 2 min

Matt Jackson-Smith, star of Channel 5’s The Yorkshire Vet, has joined KatKin as our first-ever vet ambassador. And will work with our cat-obsessed team to spread the word about fresh cat food. Plus the amazing changes pet parents see when they feed KatKin’s fresh recipes. 

Matt himself is one of the 93% of cat parents to report health benefits after switching to fresh food. And has watched his family cat, Jasper, thrive on KatKin. 

Matt will appear at events, in videos and in online ads for KatKin. Offering his perspective as a vet. Discussing his own experience with KatKin. Meeting our community of hardcore cat parents. And sinking his teeth into the science of fresh cat food. 

Matt says, “We’ve had Jasper, our family cat, on KatKin for about three months, and the transformation has been really quite significant. He’s a big, big fan of KatKin. And to be fair he looks fantastic for it.”

“I met the KatKin team, and what a fantastic bunch they are. I have never seen as many people as dedicated to cats and their welfare. It was really quite moving. I’m proud to be on board with them.”  

Want to see the benefits of KatKin’s fresh recipes? Order a 14-day trial box here.

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