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Litter Trays And Senior Cats

Litter Trays And Senior Cats
by Dr Grant Hampson

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Older cats tend to spend much more time inside, because of this it is really important to make sure they have access to a litter tray. It can be quite a stressful experience for cats if they cannot go to the toilet, and holding their bladder for too long can cause problems.

Even if they have used the toilet outside most of their life you should still provide plenty of access to litter trays indoors.

So, how can you cater to a senior cat with littering inside?

  • The bigger the better! Get a nice big litter tray to provide more space for them to manoeuvre.

  • Make sure it has nice low sides so it is easier for your older cat to climb inside.

  • Have a nice soft litter as they tend to be more comfortable for your cat’s little feet.

If you've noticed your cat starts going to the bathroom much more frequently always consider popping to the vet. We'd advise bringing a urine sample with you would be a useful exercise for the vet. If you're worried about collecting the sample, you can buy a litter that doesn’t absorb the urine, allowing you to collect it with the pipette and pot provided. The first urine sample of the day provides the most accurate results and try to get it to the vets within a couple of hours.

We've outlined a litter tray 101 for some useful hints and tips you might not know about cat toilets.

If you have any concerns about your senior cat using the litter tray, get in touch:

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